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an ester of adenosine that is converted to ATP for energy storage

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The ACP test is numerically the same as the ADP test but measures the disparity between the matching contributions and after-tax employee contributions for HCEs and NHCEs.
In August, ADP announced the acquisition of Mintax, which secures tax credits and economic incentives for corporate clients.
The ADP Shanghai Representative office will eventually include staff and activity for the Dealer and Claims Services Divisions, which already have a strong global presence.
I know that I can always rely on its resources to answer any tax questions I may have," said David Akins, President, Complete Accounting Solutions and an ADP client.
IPaystatements and iReports can also be utilized through the ADP Self Service portal, where employees can conveniently access their paycheck statements and W-2s via the Internet, minimizing printing costs, bank fees and exposure to check fraud.
This award is given to customers that have successfully integrated ADP products and services into their core initiatives and have a proven record of using ADP's services to improve efficiencies, and save resources, money or time.
ADP consistently looks for new ways to improve our service to clients, and this includes looking beyond our existing product solutions," said Susan Olenick, Manager, Training & Performance Systems, ADP Major Accounts Services.
ADP TotalSource provides small and medium-size businesses with traditional and Internet-based outsourcing solutions to reduce the complexities and costs related to employment and human resources.
Our plan sponsors are looking to ADP for solutions that help them address the new regulations and safe harbor provisions," said Kendall Kay, Vice President, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Business Development, ADP Retirement Services.
We're committed to helping our clients make their 401(k) administration process as effective and efficient as possible," said Kendall Kay, Vice President, Marketing, Strategic Planning & Business Development, ADP Retirement Services.
The average TCO per paycheck for ADP clients using an automated ADP TLM system is 28-35 percent less than for ADP clients that do not use an automated TLM system
For more information about ADP Brokerage Services Group, please visit our web site at www.
ADP Retirement Services was awarded its 16 'Best in Class' honors in two market classifications.
ADP Payroll combined with the new Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting will provide a flexible hosted payroll and tax processing solution that enables self-serve users to handle all aspects of the payroll function and calculate federal, state and local taxes.
PwC's 2004 study showed that companies with more than 1,000 employees who choose to outsource payroll to ADP average a 35 percent lower TCO per paycheck than their in-house counterparts.