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an ester of adenosine that is converted to ATP for energy storage

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ADP and Lightspeed Research conducted research on issues associated with Human Capital Management among a total of 400 management professionals in September 2011.
In total, small firms (fewer than 500 employees) created 147,000 new jobs, according to ADP.
Aeroports de Paris ADP reaffirmed its 2006 financial targets.
ADP Pre-Employment Services is being offered to organizations with 1,000 or more employees.
The ADP blog is a general university publication, not a scholarly journal, and it does not publish traditional academic writing.
The results of the study show that close to 50% of the departing travellers questioned at Orly and CDG said they found the short period of time spent at the airports to be "constraining" (the original French word used by ADP being "contraignant"--a somewhat ambiguous term that can also be translated as restrictive or compelling).
Designed specifically for insurance companies, ADP Payments Solution will provide a single touch-point for all their payments.
"Our ADP collaboration with NASA offers us an exciting opportunity to find new uses for Caliper's chips and instruments -- in this case, to facilitate the structure-aided design approach to drug discovery," said Dan Kisner, M.D., Caliper's President and Chief Executive Officer.
"NetStruxr's platform is a method of ADP doing remote real estate transactions with a savings of time, effort and money.
They'd already engineered the eggs, which don't normally have an ADP receptor, to produce an electrical signal when the ADP receptor is present and binds to ADP.
91-59's more restrictive features(2) and addresses new developments in ADP systems.
In Automatic Data Processing (ADP) & Affiliates v.
ADP Dealer Services, a business unit of Automatic Data Processing, Inc., has launched a new, free automotive Internet service known as ADP AutoConnect (
Companies across the United States rely on advanced data communications capabilities found in such companies as Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Employer Services Division, which is known for providing payroll services and a host of other services to its customers nationwide.