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Synonyms for activity

Synonyms for activity

energetic physical action

Synonyms for activity

any specific behavior

(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

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Without the ADL initiative, SCORM might be reinvented four or five times," he said.
First, we intended to use information contained in the MDS to describe more precisely the relationships between individual measures of ADL limitations and the use of nursing resources in nursing homes.
In 1969, the FBI proposed investigating the ADL as an Israeli foreign agent after three ADL undercover operatives infiltrated and strategized the takeover of the Organization of Arab Students posing as news reporters.
ADL supported instructional products should be designed to have the following characteristics:
The public service video may be viewed on the ADL web site at www.
In California, the number jumped from 180 to 237, according to the ADL.
Note that the indices compiled by the ADL and the AJC indiscriminately commingled intelligence about pro-Nazi groups with information about patriotic groups opposed to U.
WHAT: ADL In Concert Against Hate with the National Symphony Orchestra
Jeremy Davies, Managing Director of ADL, commented on the Acquisition:
While all of the facilities surveyed offered activities of daily living (ADL) assistance, 19% charged an additional fee for ADL assistance that went beyond the basic care level.
According to the ADL Initiative, SCORM is a set of specifications that enable interoperability of Web-based learning content.
This act of intimidation using physical violence is deplorable and inexcusable," said Sophie Dornstreich, ADL Assistant Regional Director.
ADL measures are also employed by public and private long-term care insurers to evaluate care needs and benefit eligibility.
The ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism surveyed 53,100 adults in 102 countries in an effort to establish, for the first time, a comprehensive data-based research survey of the level and intensity of anti-Jewish sentiment across the world.
ADL and its 24 secular and religiously-diverse coalition partners argued that Utah's ban on same-sex marriage violates the First Amendment's Establishment Clause by imposing a specific religious view of marriage onto Utah's constitution.