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Synonyms for activity

Synonyms for activity

energetic physical action

Synonyms for activity

any specific behavior

(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

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Alexander Dennis Limited ('ADL') is a global leader in the design and manufacture of double deck buses and is also the UK's largest bus and coach manufacturer.
Targeting refers to the scale's ability to mirror the levels of the targeted variable (e.g., ADL disability) in the study sample [33].
We used separate binary markers to indicate whether the person was a high school graduate, married, had two or more living children, lived with others in household, used formal home health care, received help from spouse in ADL tasks, and received help from other family members (e.g., child, grandchild, or other relatives) in ADL tasks.
Karim Taga, managing partner and global practice leader, ADL TIME practice.
"ADL Associates employs five members of staff and eight associates who are specialists in certain areas and growth has been phenomenal - it has exceeded my initial business plan.
While it remains unclear exactly how the cast will interact and perform throughout eight episodes, new, and several returning sponsors and endorsers are on-board to support ADL Season 3.
Follow-up assessments after 2-3 months cancer treatment were ADL, IADL, the number of falls, and chemotherapy toxicity.
The average percentage of adults who reported facing at least one ADL limit increased 0.2 percentage points -- and 10 percent -- between 2007 and 2011, to 2.2%.
Henry Halstead general manager, Gary Russell, said: "As a group, we were already supplying small components to ADL sites at Falkirk and Guildford and last year we were given the opportunity to further demonstrate our exceptionally high levels of service by managing the supply of small components to one of the eight production lines at Plaxton's Scarborough plant.
The ADL is useful for units that want to turn in surplus or unwanted equipment.
Optare's financial adviser, Cenkos Securities plc, had informed ADL of Ashok Leyland Ltda[euro](tm)s decision not to sell its 26% holding in the target company to anyone at any price, ADL said in a press release.
ADL just named the top ten groups in the US that they say are most organized in their anti-Israel stances in the US (see (; they even included Jewish Voice for Peace).
(ADPnews) - Mar 3, 2010 - Austrian waste management firm AlpeAdria ADL Abfalldisposition und Logistik GmbH filed for insolvency today at a Graz court, the Alpine creditor protection association (AKV) announced.
The ADL recognizes "individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the legal profession and to the community at large, while exemplifying the principles upon which the Anti-Defamation League was founded." The honorees were well-versed in the mission of the ADL.