attention deficit disorder

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a condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders

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EzCare Medical Clinic doctors understand how difficult it is to live with ADD or ADHD. That is why the doctors at EZCare Clinic take the time to fully understand each of our patient's condition and the symptoms they are experiencing, so the proper care can be provided quickly and conveniently.
Mandala drawing: Facilitating creative growth in children with ADD or ADHD. Art Therapy, 13, 252-260.
The government position is that diet changes won't help most children with ADD or ADHD. A NIH study in 1982 tested the theory that refined sugar and food additives make children hyperactive and inattentive.
* Some symptoms often evident in a person with ADD or ADHD: Sense of underachievement, difficulty getting organized, tendency to speak without thinking, constant thrill-seeking, easily bored or distracted, has trouble following instructions, impulsive behavior, worrying needlessly and endlessly, and depression.
An ADD or ADHD child, however, never seems to grow out of those development-related stages.
A proper diagnosis should include all or most of these components to be sure that the child in question truly has ADD or ADHD.