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the degree to which something is toxic to living cells

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In the case of combination therapy with an immune-enhancing treatment, what dose and schedule would provide optimal synergy with the mAb's ADCC effect?
Fighting spirit: Braulio Estima can't hide his emotions after beating Jacare Souza (below) to lift the ADCC world crown.
These results show what a slippery customer the HIV virus is, but also shows that these ADCC antibodies are really forcing the virus into changing, in ways that cause it to be weaker," said Kent.
The team led by Dr Ivan Stratov and Professor Kent employed a novel technology developed in their laboratory to find where ADCC antibodies were attacking the virus.
AccretaMab(TM) platform consists of POTELLIGENT(R) and COMPLEGENT(TM) Technologies, creating a superior antibody molecule with enhanced ADCC and CDC activities.
ADCC Lawson pointed out that the Highway Code states drivers should not smoke and drive as it causes a distraction.
BioWa's POTELLIGENT technology can increase the level of the ADCC activity about 100-fold.
From the detailed newspaper account of the public meeting that resulted in the founding of the ADCC in Brisbane it is clear that Garland was the spiritus rector of the occasion, having stage-managed it from beginning to end.
Finding suitable leaders was far from easy, and by way of encouragement the first 50 former ADCC squadrons to register were known as Founder Squadrons.
The assay is ADCC mechanism of action (MOA)-based and features frozen, thaw-and-use effector cells, and optimized reagents and protocol to perform a reporter-based ADCC bioassay in a single day.
Under this partnership, MCN and ADCC will deliver satellite voice, ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing & Reporting System) and data services.
Abu Dhabi: Amjad Ali and Zaheer Maqsood, the UAE internationals, came up with impressive performances to script United Bank Limited's eight-wicket victory over Abu Dhabi Gymkhana in the Midcom ADCC President's Cup final.
Moreover, since ADCC and CDC are thought to have a significant role in causing the adverse events of antibody therapy, IMMU-114 is anticipated to be less toxic to patients.
have signed a non-exclusive commercial option and license agreement granting Merus access to ProBioGen's GlymaxX fucose-engineering technology to enhance the ADCC (Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity) activity for its lead product, a bispecific anti-cancer antibody.