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the degree to which something is toxic to living cells

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As ADCC is an important mechanism of action of farletuzumab, higher levels of CA125 may potentially disrupt the ability of farletuzumab to elicit an ADCC response, thereby lowering its anti-FRA-mediated tumor-killing potential.
In the case of combination therapy with an immune-enhancing treatment, what dose and schedule would provide optimal synergy with the mAb's ADCC effect?
Fighting spirit: Braulio Estima can't hide his emotions after beating Jacare Souza (below) to lift the ADCC world crown.
Confirming our strategic plan of active customer relationship management and targeting a new profile of customers, this venture also provides benefits to ADCC club members.
These results show what a slippery customer the HIV virus is, but also shows that these ADCC antibodies are really forcing the virus into changing, in ways that cause it to be weaker," said Kent.
The team led by Dr Ivan Stratov and Professor Kent employed a novel technology developed in their laboratory to find where ADCC antibodies were attacking the virus.
The immediate task of the ADCC was to prepare the celebration for the first Anzac Day the next April.
The ADCC Reporter Bioassay uses an alternative readout at an earlier point in ADCC MOA pathway: the activation of gene transcription through the NFAT (nuclear factor of activated T-cells) pathway in the effector cell.
The poster presentation "Effect of Immunosuppressive CA125 Tumor Antigen on Farletuzumab Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity" highlighted the effects of CA125 on farletuzumab's impact on FRA-expressing tumor cells via ADCC.
Wajahat Hussain, the ADCC president announced that soon the two Oval grounds will also host One Day International matches like the Shaikh Zayed Stadium.
OBT intends to use POTELLIGENT(R) Technology to develop, manufacture and commercialize selected ADCC programs from its pipeline of preclinical antibodies for oncology which it has built based upon novel targets identified using its OGAP(R) proteomic database.
It is based on an active modulation of antibody glycosylation during production leading to antibody products with increased ADCC (antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity).
Patent 7,931,895 titled "Monoclonal Antibodies with Enhanced ADCC Function" on April 26, 2011, by the U.
This transpired after ADCC were in a catch-22 situation after the second semi-finalists Ibsons and Danube Lions were disqualified for flouting tournament rules.
We are delighted to welcome employees from ADAS, ADIFC and ADCC to the growing Etihad family.