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Synonyms for census

a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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He stated: 'It is time to say enough is enough; ADC will support your state and the people, but you all have the big work to do.
Innovation is needed to shorten the development time of ADCs and to achieve cost savings in the ADC production.
This license provides ADC Therapeutics with the rights to Synaffix's proprietary GlycoConnect site-specific antibody-drug conjugation and HydraSpace polar spacer technologies to develop and commercialize a third product candidate against a specific target.
Investment from Venture Capital Trusts has allowed ADC Bio to invest in manufacturing and R&D to support its growth at Deeside.
During the hearing, it emerged that all the 900 acres, including the land with the ADC offices, were sold to private developers and influential people in government by a former managing director.
Three different ADC values ([ADC.sub.mean], [ADC.sub.min] and [ADC.sub.solid]) were measured from ADC maps for each PTC lesion.
Since the advent of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), researchers have been exploring to find a role of DWI and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) in differentiating typical from atypical tumours including meningiomas.
ADC maps for isotropic images were automatically constructed by the device, and average ADC values of all lesions were measured from these maps.
With the implementation of ADC's InterScale software, they are now able to control store pricing from a central location and gain full visibility into all the scales and devices in their stores that have the ADC software.
Actual contributions to pensions have risen faster than ADCs as governments have responded to pension funding concerns by paying a higher share of their ADCs.
ADC Sialkot Tauqir Haider Kazmi was posted as ADC Lahore, Wasif Bashir Khokhar ADC General Kasur was posted as ADC Sheikhupura, Zamir Hussain ADC Sheikhupura was posted as OSD, Deputy Secretary Shafiq Ahmed was posted as ADC General Kasur, Ahmd Javed ADC General Nankana Sahib was posted as ADC General Chakwal, Mohammad Abbas ADC General Sialkot was posted as ADC General Nankana Sahib.
ADC Energy Systems, a Dubai based turnkey contractor for Cooling Plants, Energy Services, Grain Handling and Infrastructure and ePROMIS -- MEA, the Middle East and Africa regional subsidiary of Houston based ePROMIS Solutions Inc.
District cooling contractor ADC Energy Systems has announced the successful implementation of ePROMIS ERP software.
While DWI holds potential to improve the detection and biological characterization of breast cancer (13), apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) is capable of reflecting breast tissue cellularity, fluid viscosity, membrane permeability, macromolecular structures, microvascularity and lesion blood flow (14).