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a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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At GLOBALCOMM 2006, ADC will feature its new ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect System, an innovative solution for connecting wireless networks and exchanges.
Any guest at the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico using an Ethernet-equipped personal computer can take advantage of the hotel's new high-speed Internet access thanks to the significant increase in bandwidth capacity provided by the ADC CopperTen system, which has a guaranteed transmission capacity that is greater than or equal to 18-gigabits per second at 625MHz.
From our durable performance driven patchbays and jackfields to our precision jacks and connectors, consistent quality is the hallmark of everything ADC produces.
Our Hardened Connectors and Drop Cables are technician-friendly and greatly simplify installation and maintenance by minimizing splicing required on the distribution side of the FTTX network," said Tom Kampf, vice president of FTTX solutions for ADC.
It is designed to support both low and high fiber count applications with environmentally protective enclosures and high performance cable assemblies and connectivity components," said Tom Kampf, vice president of FTTX solutions for ADC.
ADC OmniReach FDHs are a new class of fiber optic enclosures that provide Cameron Communications with an important interface between fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in their three-phase FTTX project.
Made of high performance, outside plant-rated thermoplastic material that is both lightweight and non-corrosive, ADC OmniReach 8" Non-Metallic Fiber Access Terminals provide maximum protection from temperature extremes, high impact and other destructive environmental factors.
Prior to joining ADC in 2002, Hilton had a distinguished twenty-two year career with AT&T and Lucent with substantial experience in engineering, product management and general management.
Although consultants do not purchase or resell ADC products and services, competition in the network infrastructure industry is intense and they have significant influence on those markets that are critical to our company's business model.
Today, ADC produces many different types of dryers, and many of them have found a home in the long-term care industry.