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an enzyme found in mammals that can catalyze the deamination of adenosine into inosine and ammonia

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Since 1991, the 10 Regional ADA Centers in the ADA National Network have worked to change the landscape for individuals with disabilities by providing free, confidential and accurate information, resources and training to businesses, employers and state and local governments on their responsibilities under the ADA.
The number of ADA cases heard by the Supreme Court this term alone is an indication of the act's impact on America's public and private workplaces.
The ADA law and its enforcement are complaint-driven, so Title II entities are subject to investigation at any time to resolve complaints.
The ADA score is based upon votes on twenty key bills.
Businesses have been required to spend billions of dollars to accommodate disabled employees; employers are required to make provision for handicaps while at the same time being forbidden by the ADA to inquire about them.
The ADA also protects people who are "regarded as" disabled, he pointed out.
To back up this contrarian (at the least) view, it cited ADA case law: "Recent court rulings have actually made it tougher for employees to claim discrimination by narrowing the definition of who is protected.
According to Dart & West (1995), "The ADA affirms that disability is a natural part of the human experience.
Most children with ADA deficiency can be treated with bone marrow transplants or regular injections of the missing enzyme.
While the City's Department of Buildings is now giving construction permits without ADA review, the law can go back to January 26, 1992, when it was first implemented, for enforcement of ADA construction and access requirements.
4) T-cells with ADA gene copy are multiplied further in gas-permeable bags.
Still, says Hamilton, there are a few aspects of the ADA approach that may be cause for concern.
6% of their respondents had been with their current practices 16 or more years (national average for ADA respondents 8.
According to ADA survey data from 2009 and 2010, a majority of consumers who recognize the ADA Seal prefer products with the ADA Seal over products without the ADA Seal.
The ADA Council on Dental Practice encourages its members to seek clarification from the ADA for questions concerning the security standards or any regulations under HIPAA.