analog-to-digital converter

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device for converting analogue signals into digital signals

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Speed PI control was performed using the drivers that are represented by block DA1 (DA converter) and AD converter, in the Figure 2.
During experiment we need to measure by two AD converters and two digital imputs.
The ATA6870/71 chipset requires less external components than comparable solutions because it includes a hot plug-in capability, six integrated AD converters with a cut-off frequency lower than 30 Hz, saving external filters, and a stackable microcontroller power supply.
Arcadia's products range from 32-bit CPUs to 20-bit high-resolution DA and AD converters, a 480/700 MHz high-speed PLL (Phase Lock Loop), and USB1.
This option tests the high-speed AD converters used in consumer electronics and other products with the capacity to generate sine waves at speeds up to 500MHz.