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Synonyms for 60

the cardinal number that is the product of ten and six


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being ten more than fifty

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In AD 60 many Britons remembered a time before the Romans arrived, and were confident they could return to the time before Roman occupation.
AD 60 specimen and the fourth permanent premolar ([P.
AD 60 mandible are most compatible with the following scenario: the individual originated outside the Fishbourne area and was transported to the region within its first few months of life.
AD 60 individual originated, the effort involved in its movement and maintenance would have been considerable.
It is believed the torc may haveonce belonged to the warrior Queen Boudica, who led an army uprising against the Romans in AD 60.
The town is mentioned by the historian Tacitus as one of the three destroyed by Boudicca in AD 60 and he refers to it, probably anachronistically, as a chartered town (municipium).
In his 1978 book, Boudica - The British Revolt against Rome AD 60, he had dropped a 'c' from the warrior's name but his view of the battle location remained unchanged.
Mrs Hughes, a retired literacy teacher, added: "On this basis, our Boudica Project plans to commission specialist geological work to penetrate the changes to the landscape brought about by centuries of human agency - not least, extensive quarrying - in order to arrive at a knowledge of this same area in AD 60.
The heavily-armed warriors will be taking part in an Ancient Empires festival which promises to transport visitors back to AD 60 when the wooden fort was originally established on the edge of the future city of Coventry.
Boudico: the British revolt against Rome AD 60 (2nd ed.