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Synonyms for 60

the cardinal number that is the product of ten and six


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being ten more than fifty

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In AD 60 many Britons remembered a time before the Romans arrived, and were confident they could return to the time before Roman occupation.
Her husband, King Prasutagus, had been a client king of the Romans, but on his death in AD 60 the territory of the Iceni was violently annexed.
Tal y Foel's first moment of fame came in AD 60 when Suetonius Paulinus ordered Roman infantry across the Menai Strait in specially built flat-bottom boats to capture Anglesey.
Thyestes Tragedy in five acts by Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, written about AD 60.
It is believed the torc may haveonce belonged to the warrior Queen Boudica, who led an army uprising against the Romans in AD 60.
In his 1978 book, Boudica - The British Revolt against Rome AD 60, he had dropped a 'c' from the warrior's name but his view of the battle location remained unchanged.
Like many other East Anglian Roman towns it was destroyed by Queen Boudicca in her uprising of AD 60 but was quickly rebuilt and became an important resting point for people moving north and south.
Mrs Hughes, a retired literacy teacher, added: "On this basis, our Boudica Project plans to commission specialist geological work to penetrate the changes to the landscape brought about by centuries of human agency - not least, extensive quarrying - in order to arrive at a knowledge of this same area in AD 60.