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being one hundred more than three hundred

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The parchment or vellum codex, which had superseded the papyrus roll by AD 400, was a revolutionary change in the form of the book.
Chronologically, he covers from about 100 BC to about AD 400 and geographically territories that are now Britain, Germany, the low countries, Austria, and Switzerland.
The Delhi exhibition shows advances in smelting from AD 800, breakthroughs in astronomy between AD 400 and AD 1000 and multiple cropping used by farmers in 2500 BC.
She said, ``It's the one group that people are still comfortable being prejudiced about.'' Mrs Cleaves, who was born in Penrhiwceiber, South Wales, and is the wife of a Baptist pastor and the mother of two grownup children, said she was enjoying being back in Wales.Romani historyBefore AD 400: Some Indians become nomadic entertainers and craftsmen.
Capella's major work was written perhaps about AD 400 and certainly before 439.
Studer draws attention to the fact that the word Deus, when joined to the biblical concepts of |Lord' and |Father', needs to be understood, not in the terms of the twentieth century but in the categories of Augustine's own day: if God is a father, he is a father in the terms of North Africa in about AD 400. If he is a lord, his lordship is that of the later Roman empire.
The first outstanding example of the genre, written about AD 400, was The Confessions of St.
Confessions, The Spiritual self-examination by Augustine, Saint, written in Latin as Confessiones about AD 400. The book tells of Augustine's restless youth and of the stormy spiritual voyage that had ended some 12 years before the writing in the haven of the Roman Catholic church.