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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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2,3) FOP molecular investigations has revealed that most affected individuals have the same single nucleotide change 617G>A in the ACVR1 gene.
The single nucleotide polymorphism 617G>A in ACVR1 was analysed according to the method of Shore et al.
However, the concept of 1 specific mutation in ACVR1 is no longer tenable as evidenced by the reports associating 605G>T, 983G>A, 774G>C and 1067G>A with FOP in the absence of the recurrent 617G>A.
This concept could also argue for the involvement of mutations in ACVR1 receptor gene in other related disorders such as some forms of myositis.
Downregulation of ACVR1 for activin may result in loss of induction for smooth muscle cell differentiation, and thus is involved in plaque destabilization (Engelse et al.