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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

Words related to ligament

a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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Detailed and long-term follow-up studies are useful for the improvements of the operation of ACL reconstruction and the rehabilitation program followed ACL resection with or without its reconstruction.
Positive one or two ACL lesion physical tests (the Lachman, anterior drawer test and pivot test).
Between October 2013 and June 2015, we retrospectively reviewed the medical records of patients treated at our hospital for ACL injuries or OA.
The patient underwent arthroscopy in May 2015, which revealed a fixed fibrous nodule adherent anteriorly to the ACL graft and impinging on the inter-condylar notch in extension (Figure-3)
To lower your risk of another ACL tear, a physical therapist should assess your movement patterns when you jump, land, pivot and change directions.
A systematic review of hormonal effects on the risk of ACL injury by Hewitt revealed conflicting data.
In patients with SLE and ACL, thrombotic events have been observed in 25%- 40% of patients compared to 7-18% of thrombotic events in SLE patients without ACL (6, 9).
He said there were guys in the NFL playing with a partially torn ACL or with a torn ACL.
I believe that while recovery from ACL reconstruction is a challenge, you should be able to recover and run without difficulty.
Under the agreement terms, which went into effect in December 2005, Sysmex America will standardize hematology testing conducted at 65 ACL Laboratories' institutions in the US.
Although no concrete evidence indicates that the Q-angle plays a major role in ACL tears, evidence shows that it contributes to patellofemoral tracking problems and anterior knee pain.
THE first of a new fleet of vessels for container line ACL will visit Liverpool to be officially 'christened',' the North American-based line has confirmed.
Objective: The aim of the present study was to develop a more realistic finite element (FE) model of the human anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tibial insertion and to analyze the stress distribution in the ACL internal fibers under load.
29 May 2015 - Canadian audit and risk software company ACL has completed the acquisition of US-based digital design firm Artletic LLC, the company said.
Summary: Muscat: ACL Services -- the leading global provider of business assurance analytics to auditors, compliance .