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Axial length and ACD measurements in millimeters (mm) were obtained with the noncontact optical biometry (IOLMaster; Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Berlin, Germany).
Other key points included ACD members to work together to prevent and suppress terrorist acts, combating transnational organised crime, co-operation in the fields of energy security, establishment of the ACD Provisional Secretariat in Kuwait and applying the principles of "green economy" in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development.
Angiokeratoma corporis diffusum (ACD) has often been considered pathognomonic of Fabry disease.1,2 Contrary to traditional view, ACD recently has been observed in many other enzyme deficiency disorders as described later.
The 1st meeting of ACD culture ministers opened here on Tuesday.
The ACD also aims to consolidate Asian strengths and fortify the continent's competitiveness by maximizing its diversity and rich resources.
Equivalent charge method [9,15] is used to generate the profile of the ACD antenna.
At present, the ACD arm has about GBP3.7bn (USD5.9bn/EUR4.6bn) of assets under management.
Investment Week quoted IFDS' CEO Martin Ratcliffe as saying that the company was exploring all appropriate alternatives for the ACD operation, including a disposal, but no decision has yet been made.
Under Fillebrown and Schwaebler, ACD has made the leap from primarily a frantend printed circuit board design to a full-fledged EMS company.
The couple are now channeling all their efforts into raising money so research can be carried out into ACD, to find out what causes it and how it can be cured.
An ACD also frees your loved ones from the pressure of having to make critical medical care decisions for you while they are under stress or in emotional turmoil.
The court granted him permission on May 17, but he could not return to Uganda, as the ACD did not issue the necessary noobjection- certificate.
The ACD has been successfully tested by the railway's research wing at Lucknow.
Based on customer feedback regarding features available to small and medium-sized businesses, changes were made to structure each package around more features, such as conference bridges and ACD Queues.
(Nasdaq:SMMX) Santa Clara, Calif., has announced that researchers using Symyx Available Chemicals Directory(r) (previously MDL Available Chemicals Directory or MDL ACD), the largest structure-searchable collection of commercially available chemicals in the world, now have the option of accessing up-to-date ACD data via the Internet using a dedicated XML-based Web Service.