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a command that is the primary provider of air combat weapon systems to the United States Air Force

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If your submission is selected as an ACC Value Champion, your accomplishments and demonstrated leadership in value-based initiatives will be publicly recognized and promoted to ACC members, the media and the broader legal community.
The ratings continue to be centrally based on ACC Ltd's (BOM:500410, rated AAA/"stable"/P1+ by CRISIL) ownership of, and common line of business with, ACC Concrete; these factors create incentives for ACC to support ACC Concrete on an ongoing basis and in the event of distress.
But among the audience of hundreds at the event were two people to whom Medaglia's success came as no surprise--her mother, Josephine, and father, Al, the former architect who founded ACC Construction in 1984 and who handed over the reins to his daughter when she was just 24 years old.
Moore adds that the partnership with the ACC will identify the barriers that currently hinder participation in Burlington County's curbside recycling program and will provide access to resources that could help to increase participation rates.
In the last three years (2004 to 2006), ECUSA's contribution to the ACC totaled $1.
Given that the ACC began crafting a strategic growth plan two years ago, it would seem a vote to grow would be a no-brainer.
The court then concluded that the salaries and benefits related to the loan contracts actually acquired had to be capitalized because, "but for ACC'S anticipated acquisition of installment contracts, ACC would not have incurred the salaries and benefits attributable to those activities.
ACC produces iron, steel and nonferrous castings for a wide variety of equipment, capital goods and consumer markets.
Each of the ACC libraries will run the Geac ADVANCE Integrated Library System on a Motoral Delta Series Unix-based 88100 minicomputer.
As reported previously, manufacturers that have entered into joint-development agreements with the ACC in SRIM composite structure research include GenCorp Automotive, Akron, Ohio; Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Ashtabula, Ohio; CertainTeed Corp.
For years, scientists have sought to clone the gene coding for ACC synthase.
Michele Medaglia, president and CEO of ACC Construction, a leading New York WBE construction management and general contracting firm, made the announcement.
Member provinces and churches of the Anglican Communion are not likely to approve a motion that would allow 38 primates around the world to become members of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC), according to Bishop John Paterson, ACC chair and bishop of Auckland.