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electrical device that transforms alternating into direct current

a person who corrects or sets right

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The need for direct, non-isolated AC-DC conversion in a small form factor, with high levels of efficiency and low standby current, is increasing due to the proliferation of small household, office, and industrial appliances that operate as standalone devices or as part of the IoT.
The ac-dc conversion of electric power is usually required for BLDC motor drive; nevertheless, it causes many current harmonics and results in the poor power factor at input ac mains.
It consists of a wind turbine to capture wind energy and convert it into mechanical power, a wind power generator to convert mechanical power into electrical power, a three-phase bridge rectifier to perform simple AC-DC conversion, a DC-DC converter to regulate the rectified DC voltage, and a battery pack for energy storage.
80 PLUS sets the standard for what constitutes an energy-efficient power supply, meaning it is power factor corrected and at least 80 percent efficient in the AC-DC conversion process.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 14, 2019-: Non-Isolated Buck Switchers from Diodes Incorporated Provide High-Voltage AC-DC Conversion with Low Standby Current for Always-On Appliances