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electrical device that transforms alternating into direct current

a person who corrects or sets right

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With its HE technology, Eltek Valere has set the industry standard for AC-DC conversion efficiency at 96 percent.
Jef Beerten has devised new tools, models, and methods for designing and controlling meshed HVDC grids, which use fast-switching power electronic converters for AC-DC conversion in order to improve the understanding of how todays HVAC grids will interact with future HVDC grids.
With 96 percent efficiency, Eltek Valere's HE rectifiers can provide telecommunications companies with a 50 percent reduction in energy wasted in the AC-DC conversion process.
The activities of the LVDC Forum shall aim to drive the reduction of electricity demand by a combination of DC-based domestic appliances, minimizing AC-DC conversions, and judicious application of LVDC power distribution.