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electrical device that transforms alternating into direct current

a person who corrects or sets right

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The Flatpack2 HE reduces energy waste through a unique design that boosts AC to DC conversion efficiency to 96 percent, compared to 92 percent offered by current systems.
As an indication of strong market demand for 700V, SemiHow, a Korean-based fabless company has already signed on as an early adopter to use Tower's 700V power platform for AC to DC conversion targeting the industrial LED market.
Leading competitors' comparable 90-watt products are typically 50% to 100% larger and have Ac to Dc conversion efficiencies generally rated at 85% or less.
The small size, weight and ability to efficiently perform AC to DC conversion has made the EOS Jaguar power supply the product of choice for POS manufacturers.
The standard is intended to help reduce energy loss caused by AC to DC conversions, allow for more flexible uses of space and advance the use of energy-saving technologies, like LEDs, in commercial buildings.