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any of a class of composite plastics used to make car bodies and cases for computers and other appliances

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Headquartered in Bermuda, ABS has offices in the United States, UAE, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.
The ABS grafting copolymer and the SAN copolymer were kindly provided by Jilin Chemical Company, China, which were designated as JHSR PW-151 and JHSR SAN-T, respectively.
Showing high-performance custom compounds, including Thermylene chemically coupled, glass- and mineral-reinforced PP; Xyron modified PPE; Tenac acetal; and glass-reinforced ABS and SAN.
Keep these pointers in mind when the roads are wet and the ABS is malfunctioning--when the ABS light stays on or there's no light at all at startup.
A central theme of ABS Scanpump business concept is Life Cycle Cost (LCC).
The ABSplus prevents user downtime due to notebook failure with instant Disaster Recovery (DR) software and a bootable, removable hard drive enabling users to replace their failed notebook drive instantly, with the drive inside the ABS.
The way to toned abs is through correctly executed abdominal and back exercises, low-fat nutritional habits and sufficient calorie-burning cardiovascular exercise, said Len Kravitz, Ph.
ABS polymers can take up energy in any of three ways.
In 2007, the overall output percentage of top ten ABS plastic producers in China all together was over 95%.
By 1961, ABS had launched a major assault on phenolics and cellulosics in phone handsets.
Today ABS is present in more than 100 countries over the world through its 30 sales companies in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, and a large number of agents and distributors all over the world.
00 per GB, the Desktop ABS is not only easier to use, it is also far more economical.
Fitch's auto lease ABS rating criteria has remained essentially unchanged as fundamental criteria and methodology remains similar to the original criteria report released in 2000, with updates on industry information and related items.
Masterbatches in a range of base resins for improved compatibility with resins such as PP, PE, copolymers, PS, PPE, ABS and PVC.
50 per gigabyte (GB), as opposed to removable media costing nearly $60 per GB, the Desktop ABS is not only easier to use, it is also far more economical.