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a terrorist group formed in 1976 to work for Corsican independence

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For non-First Nation businesses, the ABPA can help make contacts on sourcing services, contractors and trainees in making inroads into certain markets, and help them draft more inclusive company procurement policies.
Brazil's pork exports to the Philippines expanded by 481.9 percent to 12,055.879 MT from just 2,071.68 MT in 2017, Abpa data showed.
ABPA with central bronchiectasis and HAM are important radiological findings associated with ABPA.
Rashid said about the ABPA disease that the Aspergillus fungus is common and it can grow on dead leaves, stored grain, bird droppings, compost stacks and other decaying vegetation although most people are frequently exposed to Aspergillus, infections caused by it such as a pneumonia or fungus ball are rare.
Pancreatic insufficiency, hepatic dysfunction, and presence of ABPA were not increased in AI patients.
According to the high titer of total IgE and eosinophilia, follow-up works were carried out for allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), which was negative for specific IgG (18.5mg/ml, cut-off<50) and specific IgE (<0.1IU/ml, cut-off<0/1) of aspergillosis and specific IgG (4.2, ref<113) of Candida but positive for specific IgE (0.74, cut-off <0.1) of Candida.
Following her complete recovery from ABPA, she remained stable, with her prior respiratory symptoms in remission, but her [FEV.sub.1] had dropped to 75%.
Pulmatrix's proprietary product pipeline is focused on advancing treatments for serious lung diseases, including Pulmazole (PUR1900), an inhaled anti-fungal for patients with ABPA, and PUR1800, a narrow spectrum kinase inhibitor for patients with obstructive lung diseases including asthma and COPD.
HRCT finding of central bronchiectasis was seen in ABPA. In a case of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis CT was showing a crazy pavement pattern.
They called this ceremony simply nui ulung, literally, 'to raise the ceremonial pole (ulung).'' Such a ceremony was held to mark the completion of work on a canal (ngabang abpa) to bring water to the rice fields; cutting a gap (kawang) in a mountain range; or to commemorate a milestone in the life of an important leader.
Other companions were Jemaah Islamiya-trained Daty Mama Abpa, wanted for multiple murder with multiple frustrated murder in General Santos City on Dec.
The condition can cause an allergy known as ABPA, which starts in childhood and reaches a peak in late teenage years, and can cause shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing.
Os primeiros contatos foram feitos no Estado de Sao Paulo com a CEAGESP, Coordenadoria de Assistencia Tecnica Integral - CATI, Instituto de Biociencias da Universidade de Sao Paulo - IBUSP, Associacao Brasileira dos Produtores de Anonaceas - ABPA, UNESP (Jaboticabal e Botucatu), Superintendencia Federal de Agricultura e Cooperativas e Associacoes de Produtores.
All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance (ABPA) organized the seminar, where leaders of various political and religious parties, tribal elders, tribesmen and a number of social activists were present.