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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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Next to the ABO system, the Rh system, and the Kell system, are blood group systems of clinical significance in transfusion practice.
the genes of the ABO system do not encode directly for the antigens but encode for enzymes that add specific sugars to the red cell membrane.
Evidence of correlation between polygenic modes of expression of hypertension, diabetes have been established with ABO genes in mice models, however the exact interlooping of genes is yet to be ascertained as a proper relation is difficult to assess in polygenic expression.4 Several researchers in the past have reported the linkage of obesity with ABO blood groups,4,5 while some have also disagreed to this relation.2,6 Evidences are also present suggesting the ABO system as a genotype marker for obesity7 but this relationship is still under intense investigation due to these conflicting results.
On the contrary, a lack of association between asthma and the ABO system was found in the study conducted in India (11).
9 and 1, respectively.4,8 Several epidemiological studies have reported that the distribution of different ABO blood groups vary markedly among the populations of different geographical areas reflecting racial differences.9 The studies performed at different areas of Punjab reveal the predominance of blood group B.9,10 Since the discovery of the ABO system, its significance regarding evolution, paternity, finger printing, inheritance pattern, legal medicine, blood transfusion and genetic study, as predictor of national suicide rate, are all well documented by past researches.5,10 The blood group systems are of interest to recent researchers of modern medicine due to its linkage with various diseases.11
The distribution of blood groups according to ABO system showed no significant differences in the occurrence of blood groups A, B, AB, and O among women of the three major groups (Table 1).
In Tarkanis, the most prevalent blood group at the ABO system was type A (30.7%), followed by types 'B' (30.2%), O (27.7%), and AB (11.4%) (Table I).
The ABO system was the first recognized blood groups and actually the first known genetic markers of humans.
[Genetic blood markers of the ABO system in patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Relation to Ethnic origin.] [Article in Russian] Probl Tuberk 1991;10:55-8.
ABO system consists of four main groups, AB, A, B and O which are determined on the basis of presence or absence of A and B antigens.
“The 1990 Nature Magazine article 'Molecular Genetic Basis of The Histo-Blood Group ABO System,' Dr.
The device works according to the so-called ABO system, classing blood samples according to A, B, AB or O types, and also spelling out whether the type is Rhesus positive or negative.