ABO system

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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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9,10 Since the discovery of the ABO system, its significance regarding evolution, paternity, finger printing, inheritance pattern, legal medicine, blood transfusion and genetic study, as predictor of national suicide rate, are all well documented by past researches.
Table 1: Distribution of blood groups according to ABO & Lewis systems Groups ABO system A B AB O Normal Breast 21 3 1 25 (N= 50) (42%) (6%) (2%) (50%) Benign Breast 7 1 1 11 (N 20) (35%) (5%) (5%) (55%) Malignant Breast 57 10 4 40 (N=111) (51.
00 (monolonalni diagnostic reagents to determine blood group ABO system, Rhesus, kell antibodies and immune) "or the equivalent - 425 fl
Marinaccio, Blood groups of the ABO system and survival rate in gynecologic tumors", Minerva Ginecol.
ABO system consists of four main groups, AB, A, B and O which are determined on the basis of presence or absence of A and B antigens.