ABO blood group system

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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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Thirty nine year old female diagnosed case of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, O RH positive group received allogenic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation from stem cell donor of B RH positive group, after three months ABO grouping and typing showed mixed field reaction with Anti-B in cell group.
The ABO grouping and Rh typing were done in all the cases diagnosed with TB.
The process of pretransfusion compatibility testing involves many steps: receipt of orders for testing, sample acceptability criteria review, ABO grouping, rhesus (Rh) typing, red cell antibody screening, unexpected antibody identification, selection of appropriate donor red blood cell units, and, for some patients, crossmatching with the unit to be transfused.
On the other hand, it is important to be sure that every technologist can recognize an ABO grouping discrepancy or mixed field agglutination.
Hence, we did a retrospective analysis of records of ABO grouping and Rh-D typing of the blood donors, transfusion recipients and patients attending antenatal care or some other medical interventions at Silchar Medical College and Hospital Blood Bank, Silchar, over a period of 10 years from 1st January 1999 to 31st December 2008.