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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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32] The estimated score was introduced into the multivariate Cox analysis as an independent covariate; other variables such as the recipient's age, ABO group comparison, and units of PRBCs were still considered as independent risk factors.
To analyse commonly occurring ABO group discrepancies in order to standardise resolving procedure and avoid delay in pretransfusion testing.
The electronic crossmatch has been performed at our institution for over 10 years and can be used for any patient without red cell antibodies if his or her ABO group has been typed at least twice in the hospital's system.
The authors also stated that the ABO group can affect the vWF catabolism, which means that the plasma vWF levels may depend on blood group of the individual.
To determine ABO group frequency of Surat population, we collected blood of college students attending hemoglobinopathy screening camps, after getting their informed written consent.
Percentage of Laboratories Using Each Method for ABO Group Determination Proficiency Test, y 2005 2006 2007 Method Used JA JB JC JA JB JC JA JB JC Tube 90.
In addition, host ABO group may affect other aspects of malaria pathogenesis.
12] The sex wise frequency distribution of both ABO group and Rh factors in study group also not significantly differs from control value or reference value as shown in Table No.
It is the second most important blood group system after the ABO group system.
Figure 4 shows the percentage of different ABO Group and Figure 5 shows percentage of Rh-D phenotypes in the study sample.
dba 2,590 2,500 4% National Speaker & Sound) 38 33 Blue Spruce Design & 2,500 3,200 -22% Construction 39 47 Abo Group Inc.
microbiology cultures, Kirby-Bauer disk susceptibility tests, tilt-tube prothrombin time test systems, ABO group and D [Rho] typing);
0 Table 3: ABO Group Specific and Across Barrier Transfusion Blood Groups Group Specific Across Barriers Transfusions Transfusions A 201 57 B 265 78 AB 29 49 O 195 118 Total 690 302 Total % 69.
The first step in the investigation of a reported TR is to rule out an acute hemolytic reaction--for example, when the patient has received blood from the wrong ABO group.
Sex, birth weight, gestational age, breast feeding, type of birth, presence of facial bruising (Including cephalohematoma), and ABO group were noted.