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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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To determine ABO group frequency of Surat population, we collected blood of college students attending hemoglobinopathy screening camps, after getting their informed written consent.
They represented Surat population, a normal control for ABO group and the distribution is shown in Table 1.
Table 2 shows that there was no significant difference in the ABO group distribution in P.
Table 3 gives incidence of severe anemia in different ABO group individuals infected with P.
Table 4 shows the ABO group distribution in these cases and normal population.
Considering the requirement of transfusion as a parameter of severity, we compared ABO group distribution in transfused and non-transfused malaria cases but there was no statistical association with ABO groups.
ABO group distribution with respect to parasite species Plasmodium O A B species P.
Percentage of Laboratories Using Each Method for ABO Group Determination Proficiency Test, y 2005 2006 2007 Method Used JA JB JC JA JB JC JA JB JC Tube 90.
In addition, host ABO group may affect other aspects of malaria pathogenesis.
vivax infections provides supporting evidence in favour of an effect of ABO group on disease severity as 'O' group provides advantage over non 'O' groups.
falciparum infection, reveals a correlation between disease severity and ABO groups.
The distribution of ABO groups was significantly different in severe malaria syndromes compared with uncomplicated malaria or the control population (p<0.
The effect of previous injection with human red cell stromata of the ABO groups on infection of mice with C.
the current worldwide distribution of ABO groups is consistent with an effect from P.
The implication is that certain ABO groups appear to provide a selective vulnerability to individuals possessing a particular ABO blood group.