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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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The authors also stated that the ABO group can affect the vWF catabolism, which means that the plasma vWF levels may depend on blood group of the individual.
They represented Surat population, a normal control for ABO group and the distribution is shown in Table 1.
In addition, host ABO group may affect other aspects of malaria pathogenesis.
To analyse commonly occurring ABO group discrepancies in order to standardise resolving procedure and avoid delay in pretransfusion testing.
The first step in the investigation of a reported TR is to rule out an acute hemolytic reaction--for example, when the patient has received blood from the wrong ABO group. The AABB manual lists four steps to follow.
[12] The sex wise frequency distribution of both ABO group and Rh factors in study group also not significantly differs from control value or reference value as shown in Table No.
Figure 4 shows the percentage of different ABO Group and Figure 5 shows percentage of Rh-D phenotypes in the study sample.
PICU, NICU) 43 4.33 Orthopaedics 2 0.20 EMS 72 7.25 Others 73 7.28 Total 992 100.0 Table 3: ABO Group Specific and Across Barrier Transfusion Blood Groups Group Specific Across Barriers Transfusions Transfusions A 201 57 B 265 78 AB 29 49 O 195 118 Total 690 302 Total % 69.56% 30.44% Table 4: Inappropriate Use of Platelet Comparison of Various Studies Various Year of Inappropriate use of Studies Study Platelets (%) Vishwanathan et al (14) 1999 30.39% K Saluja et al (6) 2007 12% Jamal R et al (1) 1998 18.5% Hui et al (15) 2005 12 % Poonam et al (16) 2014 36% Mozes et al (17) 1989 44.1% Our study 2016 30.9%
Sex, birth weight, gestational age, breast feeding, type of birth, presence of facial bruising (Including cephalohematoma), and ABO group were noted.
Y) Blend of two or more than two patterns Regarding the studies on blood group, the human population shows two main types of blood groups 1) ABO group 2) RH type.
(1,2) Karl Landsteiner in 1901 discovered the first human blood group, which was the ABO group. (3) Landsteiner and Wiener defined later Rh blood group in 1941.
The gene for ABO group is present on chromosome 9 while for Rh system it is on chromosome 1.
Units of RBC, recipient's age, and ABO group comparison were independent predictors of long-term outcomes.
The antibody screen takes longer than the ABO grouping and most automated platforms perform both the ABO group and the antibody screen simultaneously.