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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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Distribution of ABO blood groups and the Rh factor in Palestinian living in Northern part of the West Bank.
The ABO blood group system was the first polymorphism in genetics discovered in human being.[20] Due to the importance of ABO blood group system in transfusion medicine and organ transplantation,[21] it has been immensely studied in relation to various diseases.
Karl Landsteiner determined the ABO blood group system first time in 1901.
Various antibodies of the ABO blood group systems and the Rh factor (anti-A, anti-B, anti-D) and phenotype systems (anti-E and anti-c of phenotypes E and c) were used for the blood analysis.
The results of present study were strongly in favor of these past studies expressing the similar order of frequency of ABO blood groups. Whereas, several studies from North West Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia have shown that blood group O was most prevalent blood group in their population which is different from our findings19-21.
[22] In Germany [23] and Glasgow [24]--there was no significant association between ABO blood groups and diabetes.
The present study was conducted on IHD patients and normal subjects to assess the coagulation tendency in different ABO blood groups by comparing the PT, aPTT, and fibrinogen levels.
Body Mass Index and ABO Blood Groups among Different Ethnicities of the Golestan Cohort Study Subjects.
Itansanmi, "Prevalence of ABO blood groups and its relationship with malaria parasitemia among students of federal university of technology, Akure, Ondo State," International Journal of Tropical Disease & Health, vol.
However, overweight and obesity were not associated with ABO blood groups or Rhesus in this study contrary to the view of some reports.
In all the above studies, including the present study, the general distribution of primary fingerprint patterns is of same order in individuals with ABO blood groups, that is, high frequency of loops followed by whorls and arches.
In terms of the distribution by the ABO blood groups, the O blood type had SLE, SSc, and FMF at the highest rate; the A blood type had vasculitis, UCTD, RA, and SpA at the highest rate; the B blood type had Behcet's disease and FMF at the highest rate; and the AB blood type had SjS at the highest rate (Figure 1).
Participants were divided into groups on the basis of their ABO blood groups and on body mass index criteria.
The most commonly recognized of these are the ABO blood groups, and Rh antigens (which are signified by the "positive" or "negative" that comes after A, B or O on your blood type).
Among several other blood groups determined so far, the ABO blood groups are very important to date in view of the safe transfusion practices2.