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a classification system for the antigens of human blood

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4,8 Several epidemiological studies have reported that the distribution of different ABO blood groups vary markedly among the populations of different geographical areas reflecting racial differences.
Distribution of the ABO blood groups and Rh (D) factor among the scheduled caste population of Punjab.
Relationship of ABO Blood Groups with Ischemic Heart Disease.
This study was conducted not only to determine the seropositivity among blood donors but also its association with various ABO blood groups.
Visceral fat percentage above the normal range of 10% was seen in 1 participant each in all ABO blood groups except "AB.
Regarding blood groups, we did not find significant correlation between anti-H1N1 antibody titres and the ABO blood groups.
10] and by using 3-5% RBCs suspension, anti-A and Anti-B kit from (Biotec, Germany), ABO blood groups were determined.
A study of relationship of ABO blood groups with myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.
There is no spontaneous production of antibodies against Rh antigens like in ABO blood groups and they need repeated exposure for the formation of significant amount of antibodies so that, transfusion reaction would occur8.
The aim of our study was to provide information about the prevalence of RhD negative status in pregnant women, the distribution of ABO blood groups, and the rate of RhD alloimmunization in pregnancy.
For comparison, we assessed the distribution of ABO blood groups and Lewis antigens among patients with norovirus and rotavirus; no statistical difference was found (Table 1).
ABO blood groups are considered as genetic factors that might play a role in the pathogenesis of various diseases e.
Key Words: Genetic heterogeneity, gene diversity, ABO blood groups, Rh blood groups, allelic polymorphisms.
The aim of present study was to record the frequency distribution of ABO blood groups and Rh factor in this area and the data gathered may have important use in future health planning and disease prevention programs in this region especially related to transfusion services.