ABO antibodies

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Transfusing red cells and plasma Recipient ABO antibodies in Donor red cell type Donor plasma type ABO type recipient's serum for transfusion for transfusion A Anti-B A or O A or AB B Anti-A B or O B or AB O Anti-A and O only O, A, B, or AB Anti-B AB None AB, A.
ABO antibodies, however, are naturally occurring and can provide the most severe acute hemolytic episode, if matched with the wrong donor type.
This can occur with a mother's non-ABO alloantibodies or with IgG ABO antibodies for Group O mothers that have group A, B, or AB babies.
The antibodies of the ABO system are primarily IgM in nature, although some IgG and IgA antibodies may also be present The immune form of the ABO antibodies results from exposure to incompatible RBCs or other sources of ABO antigens.