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Synonyms for transplantation

the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location

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Several previous studies of modifying ABMT for use on mobile devices or via the Internet reported mixed results and didn't assess participants' willingness to keep using the app, the investigators noted.
By the mid 1990s many payers began to routinely provide coverage for ABMT for breast cancer, removing what was perceived as the principle hurdle to conducting clinical trials.
We note that in August 1997 the California legislature considered legislation that takes a step backward--toward mandating coverage for ABMT for breast cancer.
With ABMT treatment it is expected researchers will see decreased activity in the brain centers believed to be responsible for symptoms of PTSD.
Globally, 28 banks have agreed to join the Western Union electronic-channel initiative by offering Western Union ABMT Services.
Michael Abdelnoor the Manager of BoB Finance stated: ABMT (Account Based Money Transfer) allows our customers to send and receive money transfers to and from their accounts from the comfort of their home.
The ABMT service is an integral part of our strategy to enhance the usage of electronic channels, as we strive to provide customers with more convenient ways of transferring money, said Hatem Sleiman, Regional VP of Western Union for Near East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
Western Union first introduced ABMT to Asia in Malaysia in 2008; ABMT services are now available at both CIMB and Public Bank.
Ecobank Retail Banking is planning to provide Western Union ABMT service in over 2,600 Agent locations across its operations of 31 countries, in next few months.
In ABMT, bone marrow cells are removed from the patient prior to chemotherapy treatment, then reintroduced following treatment to aid in repopulation of the blood system.
Connell introduced the motion to allow ABMT and PSCH treatment coverage in March and thanked the members of the Health Benefits Committee and the CalPERS staff for their quick action on the important issue.
The MAP, an independent panel of scientists and clinical experts who review scientific evidence on new technologies, concluded that, based on the latest information, including two new studies, high-dose chemotherapy with ABMT offers some benefit in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.
Historically, only 30-50 percent of lymphoma patients undergoing ABMT are expected to remain disease-free after two years.
The data, of Phase I/II and Phase II trials in B-cell lymphoma patients who have undergone autologous bone marrow transplantation (ABMT), continue to show a substantial reduction in relapse rate as compared with that expected for ABMT patients.
ABMT restores or "rescues" the immune system after the patient has received high doses of radiation or chemotherapy.