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the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location

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In a meta-analysis study on the effect of ABMT on reducing anxiety among patients with anxiety disorders, (20) only one of the included studies focused on patients with GAD and reported that ABMT achieved a stronger reduction in both attention bias (Cohen's d = 0.86) and anxiety (Cohen's d = 0.72-73).
Further, 18 mL of autologous bone marrow in which the mean number of infused MSCs was 1183.75 [+ or -] 493.6 and the mean number of infused HSCs was 712362.5 [+ or -] 493434.14 was transfused in the patients of the ABMT group.
Since anxiety is considered to play a major role in the development and maintenance of eating disorders, ABMT should be widely used in patients suffering from such disorders (Renwick et al., 2013a, b).
Unexpectedly, participants in the short ABMT session had greater difficulty disengaging from threat after the session, compared with controls, Dr.
Under the partnership, ABMT will allow Ecobank customers convenient access to the Western Union service via internet banking and through any of the ATMs and kiosks in the Ecobank network, enabling them to receive money in their accounts anytime from any of the approximately 510,000 Western Union Agent locations around the world.
"Our Account Based Money Transfer (ABMT) service not only allows a customer to easily move money from one location to another, but opens our money-transfer services to a new generation of consumers.
The ABMT service will be available to all Emirates NBD customers through internet banking facilities and more than 700 ATM machines, including mobile money transfer.
Western Union has announced that it is planning to launch Account Based Mobile Transfer (ABMT) services in Romania and China.
Mandates can encourage the adoption of ineffective technology such as ABMT. Well after this controversial technology was mandated in many states the National Cancer Institute reported in 1999 on its randomized controlled clinical trials, that ABMT was not an effective treatment for breast cancer, and studies showed the lack of benefit and occasional harm associated with ABMT (Rettig et al.
The history of experimental high-dose chemotherapy Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant (ABMT) to treat breast cancer offers insight into how social values can overwhelm scientific evidence.
The history of experimental high-dose chemotherapy with autologous bone marrow transplant (ABMT) illustrates how social values can overwhelm scientific evidence.
Media interest here focusses on the potentially damaging consequences of the US preparedness to walk out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABMT), but there is a broader canvas to consider.
Politically and strategically, reaching a compromise with Russia on a future NMD system that will allow Moscow and Washington to preserve the ABM Treaty is preferable, because it would help the United States avoid the domestic and international fallout that would attend a unilateral decision to withdraw from the ABMT. Thus, to gain Russia's acquiescence in NMD plans, the Bush administration will need to reassure Russia of its benign strategic intentions and demonstrate with concrete actions that an NMD system is not designed to give the United States a first strike capability against Russian strategic forces.