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Synonyms for transplantation

the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location

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Admittedly, it is far from obvious whether ABMT results could be generalized to real-life contexts, but this question may be addressed using an approach similar to CBT and CRT, in which the abilities acquired by the patient are practiced in real life as behavioral experiments (Tchanturia & Hambrook, 2010).
Several previous studies of modifying ABMT for use on mobile devices or via the Internet reported mixed results and didn't assess participants' willingness to keep using the app, the investigators noted.
in contrast to the high expectations for ABMT for breast cancer, the results of these eagerly awaited trials failed to show a significant impact in patients with either metastatic breast cancer or those at high risk for metastatic disease.
80) "Many women believe that they have little to lose with ABMT and that it is the only reasonable approach in an otherwise hopeless situation.
This procedure tends to be less invasive, but ABMT remains in common use.
8] Yet, the "gatekeeper" for ABMT was not the FDA, charged with keeping unsafe pharmaceuticals off the market, but insurers, who by contract had no obligation to provide coverage for "investigational" treatments.
This legislation is the next step in a process that began a year ago when, as a board member for the California Public Employees Retirement System, I led the move to expand ABMT coverage to the more than 400,000 women insured by CalPERS.
Although the ABMT cases seemed to emerge overnight, they are a logical outgrowth of decades of litigation involving private insurers' coverage decisions.
The ABMT service is an integral part of our strategy to enhance the usage of electronic channels, as we strive to provide customers with more convenient ways of transferring money.
ABMT was off, red to late-stage breast cancer patients as a last-chance intervention.
If successfully completed, this trial should define whether ABMT has a role in the initial treatment of poor-risk patients with aggressive NHL," he wrote.
ALK indicates anaplastic lymphoma kinase; M, male; F, female; ND, not determined; +, positive; -, negative; CT, chemotherapy; RT, radiation therapy; ABMT, autologous bone marrow transplant; NED, no evidence of disease; and DOD, dead of disease.
HDC's Image Problem The percentage of women who recalled new reports of HDC with ABMT as "positive" Those with a history of cancer 32% Those touched by cancer [*] 60% Those untouched by cancer 74%
Despite years of ongoing clinical trials, there exists a lack of demonstrated overwhelming medical benefits from ABMT that would help move It from the controversial to the routine.
She will not have been denied ABMT by some stingy and uncaring administrator, but by herself--a free, informed, rational, impartial self(66) choosing in accord with her own values, which, significantly, include a commitment to justice, both fair procedures and fair rationing protocols agreed to by all.