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a bachelor's degree in library science

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After administering the adapted ABLS once, the teachers were asked to select a list of the contracted words each student missed in the ABLS.
For the present study, two different parameterizations of the ABL available in MM5 have been applied, because they lead to a lower computational cost and as it has been observed in previous studies, they are the ones with better results [5254].
Part of Shoosmiths' Lender Services Group, the new team will cover asset finance, invoice finance and factoring;, ABLs in respect of their retail and corporate customers and all assets, from motor and equipment to big ticket.
One way to measure line efficiency is to calculate the average buffer level (ABL) for the whole line; evidently, the ideal is as few work-in-process pieces in storage as possible, so ABL needs to be kept low.
ABLs have enabled management teams to refinance assets and assist in restructuring companies.
In 1950, he received a degree in librarianship, an ABLS from the University of Michigan.
The first cluster includes cultivars, landraces, and ABLs which are further subdivided into 12 groups, whereas the second cluster covers gene bank accessions and Nebraska population derivatives, which are further subdivided into six subgroups.
Nonetheless, every Nissan TITAN comes equipped with a 305 HP 5.6 liter-V8 engine, 379 lb-ft of torque, 5-Speed Automatic with Tow/Haul Mode, 4-Wheel Limited Slip (ABLS) (4X4), Fully Boxed Ladder Frame, and Dana[R] Axles Front and Rear (4WD).
The system when linked with Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS) can apply torque to any wheel that has traction.
The Alpine breaker line support (ABLS) is a self-propelled, hydraulic roof support replacing timber props currently used in pillar extration and rib pillar extraction panels.
Jabbour ABLS, Fernandes Arantes A, Chiappeta Jabbour CJ (2013) Gestao ambiental em cadeias de suprimentos: perspectivas atuais e futuras de pesquisa.
Allied-Bristol Life Sciences (ABLS) declared on Monday the launch of a licensing agreement with Harvard University based on research and intellectual property developed in Professor Malcolm Whitman's lab at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine to develop drugs for treating chronic fibrotic and autoimmune diseases.
Also standard are 2-wheel or 4-wheel limited-slip (ABLS) and a Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system (includes a deactivation switch).
This in itself has created an opportunity for increased rates to be earned by the ABLs with the independents closing the gap in terms of margin over the main clearers.