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mentioned previously, ABCs do not provide a discharge of the
ABCs originated at common law, where they functioned as liquation
Congress passed federal bankruptcy laws, ABCs have persisted, evolved
"there are relatively few reported cases discussing ABCs and even
Nevertheless, ABCs are not an antiquated legal concept.
processes to make ABCs more accessible, maximize their benefits, and
of ABCs have recognized that ABCs were becoming too "particularized
tool." (151) As a result, ABCs were so diverse that "[they]
strength of ABCs as a preferable alternative to bankruptcy.
A Spectrum of ABCs and Comparing the Various Forms Across the
ABCs are used frequently in some states, such as California,
(163) and others to describe ABCs as existing in three forms.
Note argues that ABCs are best explained as existing on a spectrum from
one pole that is purely common law, to another pole in which ABCs are
sub-Parts break ABCs in three categories: states with common law ABCs,