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Synonyms for CFTR

the gene that is mutated in cystic fibrosis

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Another ABC protein, CFTR (ABCC7), is the most unique member of the ABC superfamily.
Cotrim, "Role of the ABC transporter PRP1 (ABCC7) in pentamidine resistance in Leishmania amastigotes," Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, vol.
ABCC1 HsOD219905_ml 16.75 (0.13) ABCC2 Hs00166123_ml 19.57 (0.81) ABCC3 Hs0035B656_ml 16.72 (0.47) ABCC4 Hs00195260_ml 16.80 (0.24) ABCC5 Hs00194701_m1 19.72 (0.16) ABCC6 Hs00184566_m1 19.90 (0.52) ABCC7 Hs00357011_ml n.e.
ATP-binding cassette (ABC) (3) transporters are multispan membrane proteins that promote either the active uptake or efflux of specific substrates across various biological membrane systems (e.g., ABCB1) (1,2) or function as regulatory molecules, such as ABCC7 (CFTR) (3, 4), ABCC8 (SUR1) (5), and ABCA1 (6).
A calibration curve with 50, 25,12.5, 6.25 ng of HepG2 total RNA was created for all ABC transporters except ABCA6, ABCA8, ABCA9, ABCA10, ABCB11, ABCC1, and ABCC7. These molecules are not expressed in HepG2 cells; therefore, the calibration curves were created from testis cDNA in a similar manner.