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a light informal meal

assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence

careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement

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ABC Order resulted from an "outside-in approach," he adds, explaining that "instead of us going into a conference room somewhere around Philadelphia and deciding what customers need, we're spending a lot of time with them asking them what they need and want from us to help them grow.
In related news, ( Deadline revealed earlier this week that ABC ordered three additional scripts for "The Mayor." Does this mean the Jeremy Bronson-created series will get additional episode order soon?
Unlike the other guys (ABC ordered 13 new series for next season, NBC 12), they don't have a multitude of frosh programs to sell--"a high-class problem," as CBS Entertainment prez Nina Tassler put it, following CEO Leslie Moonves' line, "We don't rebuild.
A US remake of Gavin and Stacey has been given the go-ahead after the network ABC ordered a pilot episode.
ABC ordered up a pilot, a major step in deciding whether to book the show as a regular network program.
The Perth-born presenter of You Are What You Eat is heading across the pond after US network ABC ordered a half-hour special, which will also act as a pilot, of the show.