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For the upcoming fall season, some of ABC's new shows such as ``Desperate Housewives'' and ``The Benefactor'' have been generating buzz, but whether or not they will connect with audiences is still to be determined.
Report the fraud or illegal act directly to the audit committee of ABC's board of directors (or to the board itself if ABC does not have an audit committee).
A HiPath Wireless system offers secure, reliable and mobility-enhancing voice and data services for ABC's entire workforce.
These centres will be integrated into ABC's existing operations.
Going forward, ABC's strategy is two-pronged: heighten the pursuit of more value for ABC membership and make sure members fully exploit ABC resources.
The company continues to exercise discipline with its acquisitions, focusing on targets that operate within areas of ABC's core competencies.
He has served the association as president of ABC/Minnesota, member of ABC's executive board, and trustee and chair of the ABC Research Foundation.
The slide has been magnified because of ABC's strong performance the previous season.
Today Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) and the ABC Owned Television Stations Group, a unit of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS), announced that both companies have agreed to a template Frequency Relocation Agreement (FRA) for each ABC-owned station and a Group Reimbursement Agreement (GRA), covering ABC's station group relocation-related expenses, in the 2 GHz Relocation project.
Dharma and Greg,'' ``Spin City'' and midseason replacement ``What About Joan'' round out ABC's Tuesday schedule.
Fitch expects the effective spin-off from Cendant will not result in any significant changes to the key elements of ABC's existing strategic plan or management.
The union has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, asking that ABC's action be ruled illegal.
The campaign will also allow viewers to contribute text and video comments on their reaction to the State of the Union and the Democratic Response with select portions airing throughout ABC's State of the Union coverage on ABC News programs, ABC News Now, ABCNews.
Speculation that ABC's ``Good Morning America'' news anchor Kevin Newman will replace co-host Charlie Gibson ratcheted up distinctly Monday with a trade-paper report that ABC had offered him the job.
Since 1994, ABC's stock has had an annualized return of approximately 17%.