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While many native speakers of AAVE might associate the word "dawg" with a reference to a term of endearment used for close friends (in the same way the term "dude" might be used, for example), no such implication is intended here.
This line (14) is an example of how to use is instead orate, which is typical of both AAVE and SWVE (Nagle and Sanders, 89).
Over the last few decades, several solutions have been proposed to the question of what could be done to help AAVE speakers achieve better results in a SAE educational environment.
Orr (1987a; 1987b) was the first to make observations on why AAVE speakers were failing in mathematics and science, asserting that the grammatical and syntactical differences between AAVE and the standard were causing AAVE speaking pupils to confuse mathematical and scientific terms.
The AAVE actor was raised in the southern United States.
89) Labov develops explanation (3), and asks whether the omission of the copula in AAVE may track the regular rule for the contraction of the auxiliary in standard English.
Holton analyzes the work of black writers like Amiri Baraka who experimented with AAVE in fiction.
AAVE is a social and ethnic English dialect spoken primarily by African American slave descendents.
The dialect position, on the other hand, views AAVE as a dialect or variety of the "standard" variety of English.
Rampton (1995) states that Anglo-American teenagers may shift into AAVE in order to indicate that they are familiar with (and would like to be a part of) African American youth culture.
The way in which teachers approach AAVE in the classroom can have a profound impact on the academic success of their students.
This verb form has been examined extensively in studies of AAVE (Rickford & Rickford, 2000).
Contrasting AAVE discourse, rhetoric, and grammar with academic discourse will result in students' improved writing.
Koch & Gross, 1997), AAVE speakers are always downgraded on status-related traits (i.
The language is the AAVE vernacular, generously laced with street slang and dripping with attitude.