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an associate degree in applied science

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A new corn variety hasn't received an AAS award since 1988 until this year.
Allocutio Ad Sodales Tribunalis Rotae Romanae (22 gennaio 2011), AAS 103
In conjunction, the Animal Feed Division of the Animal Health Directorate of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has assessed that feed ingredients derived from AAS do not present livestock feed safety or nutrition concerns against feeds derived from other permitted salmon to be used as livestock feed in Canada.
The AAS we recently developed utilizes the low-SHF band that is expected to enter into commercial use around 2020.
Whatever program you choose, AAS, BSN, or CEP, reach high, find what moves you, pull strength from it, and you will achieve your ultimate goal.
It has also been reported that high-dose AAS treatment in small animal models is associated with interstitial collagen deposition and fibrosis.
In addition to research, AAS also offers a number of historical programs each year, including lectures and readings, focusing of course upon the nation's Colonial period and the early republic.
Another action that could be taken is to conduct a national situation analysis on socioeconomic and behavioral determinants of AAS use.
Esse tem como objetivo documentar, sob o ponto de vista do individuo, a evolucao do uso diario com o AAS, considerando nao so o grau de satisfacao, mas, tambem, as limitacoes de atividades basicas, a restricao de participacao, o impacto do problema auditivo nos outros e na qualidade de vida [13-16].
There are limited reports related to morphological changes in liver following AAS administration, although there are numerous studies reporting the level of different liver enzymes.
Army and [Office of the Secretary of Defense] leadership have been briefed on the AAS study but are awaiting this additional information prior to making the decision.
Many competitors for the US Army AAS bid were lining up at AUSA.
AAS did not have to win a series of set piece battles with the army to gain control of these towns.
The actions taken today against AAS support the US effort to degrade the capabilities of its parent organization, AQAP", the statement read.
Ali Abdu, spokesman for the People's Committees, said on Saturday, the group, backed by security forces, held a large campaign to pursue AAS militants--who are affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula--in Shoqra and the controlled Al-Kalasi Mountain.