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an associate degree in applied science

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However, AAS may not be that effective and safe for some people.
Tanto en el grupo tratado con AS como en el tratado con AAS, la cantidad de vasos sanguineos en 9000 [micro][m.sup.2] fue menor que en el grupo control (p= 0,0130 y p<0,0001, respectivamente) (Fig.
After a 24-h interval, cells were treated with different concentrations (100 to 500 [micro]g/mL) of nanoemulsified AAs (methionine and cysteine).
In Spain there are not any studies about the influence of the AAS on individuals affected by MD, and the negative health consequences of AAS use-abuse is associated with psychiatric, hepatic, endocrine, neurologic, cardiovascular, mortality risks (Pope et al., 2014, Thiblin et al., 2015) and smaller brain volume and cortical thickness (Bjornebekk et al., 2017).
Liew said the proposal by AAS was good because it wanted to be part of the procedure of selecting the judges.
Aas, who keeps a low public profile, in 2016 had an estimated net worth of 2 billion Norwegian crowns ($244 million) according to business magazine Kapital.
The concentration of Al (in moles) in the KCl and Ba/N[H.sub.4] extracts was measured by flame AAS in a nitrous oxide-acetylene flame as in the first study.
AAS are a family of hormones that exhibit anabolic (muscle-building) and androgenic (masculinizing) properties.
In order to measure the effect of AAS as an antioxidant for biodiesel, the conductibility technique was used with the Rancimat 873 equipment of the Metrohm[R], following the EN14112 standard, according to ANP Resolution No.
CANBERRA, April 27 (Xinhua) -- The Australian Academy of Sciences (AAS) on Friday launched a 10-year study, along with New Zealand's Royal Society Te Aprang, to name and study unknown species, saying a deep knowledge of biodiversity was key.
For PPP stakeholders, practitioners and regulatory agencies, they must be mindful of the Administrative Code of 1987 and enabling instruments of administrative agencies (AAs).
Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are artificial substances, acting through androgen receptors (1).
Every year All-America Selections (AAS) announces the best of the best new varieties of annuals and vegetables, proclaiming them AAS Winners.