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an antibody acting against tissues of the organism that produces it

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AAB supports a separate regulatory pathway, both within the FDA for high-risk tests and through CLIA for moderate- and low-risk tests, paired with a formal stakeholder process to establish the risk level of LDTs.
Sequences following an AAB pattern would signal the location of an escape platform would be on one side of the T-maze, while sequences following a MHL pattern would signal the location of the platform would be on the opposite side.
Given these inconsistent results, the main goal of the present experiment was to continue testing whether ABA, AAB and ABC procedures produce equal level of renewal in a free operant procedure with rats.
The finding that the AAB is non-neutralizing does not mean that it does not have an impact upon treatment outcomes.
AAB has repeatedly articulated its intent to carry out attacks against Western interests in the Middle East.
Vicki Wendi Jones, who achieved AAB in her Sociology, Psychology and English Language AS exams and is looking forward to her second year of study, starting in September.
AAB administrator Tina Hunt told the GDN the amount will go to three charities, The Palm Association, The Children's Academy and Alia Centre for Early Intervention.
The AAB -- that had called for a boycott of Monday's proceedings against continual of Dinakaran's service -- allegedly locked up two judges in a court room for an hour.
TRIO AAB and NORTHERN LIGHTS, The Arches, Glasgow, February 27
A representative from AAB said "the objective of the recycling activity is to advance the awareness and practice of recycling for reuse.
During the week, customers will be issued with raffle coupons for purchase of any new or pre-owned vehicles or spare parts and for any kind of services at any of the AAB Centres across Qatar.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 29, 2016-CPS Products Acquires Smartphone-Connected Tool Maker AAB Smart Tools
AAB marked one of the world's fastest deployments of Dealer
For example, Thomas, Larsen and Ayres (2003) conducted a direct comparison between AAB, ABA and ABC renewal with a fear conditioning procedure and found that the size of AAB renewal was smaller than the size of the other two (cf.