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English writer of stories for children (1882-1956)

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The image of the six-year-old is part of a photograph album taken of AA Milne's family.
AA Milne's classic tale has been retold and the inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood renamed by Angus author James Robertson.
Mr Blair had little idea of the kind of storm whipped up over the Atlantic after reports that backbencher Mrs Gwynneth Dunwoody is campaigning to free the five stuffed animals said to be the original characters featured in AA Milne's stories.
Author AA Milne used the toys to inspire his books.
The Prime Minister, mindful of the place AA Milne holds in the British psyche, insisted yesterday he cared about Pooh, but there were really more important matters on the agenda.
WIN C hile th films o this ad AA Milne s poor value.
I note they don't want us to take back Shakespeare, Jane Austen, the Beatles or AA Milne.
The collection, being sold by the artist's family, also includes sketches for Pooh author AA Milne's When We Were Very Young poetry collection and Kenneth Grahame's Wind In The Willows, and a satirical sketch of Winston Churchill in the guise of an Alice in Wonderland character, from Shepherd's time as a Punch cartoonist.
The photograph is one of many in an album that belonged to the actor Francis Lister, whose family were friendly with author AA Milne. The sale, at Dukes Auction house in Dorchester, Dorset on July 8, is expected to attract Pooh fans from across the globe.
Mr Michael Brown, chairman of Pooh Properties Trust, which manages AA Milne's estate, said Disney has owned the television, licensing and film rights since 1961.
Winnie-the-Pooh, by AA Milne, was placed second, with Watership Down, by Richard Adams, third.
As well as illustrations, the sale will include limited edition and signed books by AA Milne.
Some money will go to the club, which appears to have been AA Milne's intention when he left the money."
THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH (1977) Three Disney shorts were strung together for the studio's 22nd film of the exploits of AA Milne's bumbling bear.
Could it be the King's Breakfast by AA Milne, or Spike Milligan's On The Ning Nang Nong?