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alloy steel that is suitable for making tools

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With the introduction of LaserForm A6 steel, we are confident that we have achieved the development of a true production-ready steel product for our laser sintering system solution," said Chuck Hull, Chief Technology Officer for 3D Systems.
The LaserForm A6 steel product was designed to meet the needs of the highly competitive tooling market for injection molding of plastic parts.
LaserForm A6 steel product represents a new class of steel developed for our SLS system solution.
The new material offerings will include the next version of LaserForm(TM) steel material as well as Aluminum, Fire Retardant Nylon and A6 steel material.
Internally we have developed a Fire Retardant Nylon, which has passed FAA tests, an A6 steel material and anticipate launching a new LaserForm steel material in Q4.