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a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs

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All banks / DFIs / MFBs shall, therefore, remain closed for public dealing on 1st Ramadan-ul-Mubarak 1440 A.H. However, all employees of the banks / DFIs / MFBs will attend the office on Bank Holiday treating it as normal working day (except for public dealing).
According to the statement issued on Wednesday, All banks/Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)/Mircofinance Bank (MFBs) shall, therefore, remain closed for public dealing on 1st Ramadan-ul-Mubarak 1439 A.H.
According to the central bank, all banks, Development Finance Institutions (DFI), Microfinance Banks (MFBs) shall, therefore, remain closed for public dealing on 1st Ramadan-ul-Mubarak 1439 A.H.
(NASDAQ: HDS) has completed the acquisition of US-based specialty construction distributor A.H. Harris Construction Supplies, the company said.
The maid allowed A.H. to enter her sponsor's villa after he claimed to be the new gardener.
From northbound of A.H. Lacson Avenue, take U-turn at Aragon, then go straight to Nagtahan Boulevard.
going to Quiapo from A.H. Lacson should go straight and turn right to Espana.
and A.H. were also accused of making Dh18 million in illegal profits and commissions while selling a plot in Dubai Maritime City, causing damages to the DMC that owned it.
"The company and the other defendants will now seek to dismiss the litigation," A.H. Belo said in a statement.
received one-fifth of a share in A.H. Belo for each share of Belo.
Positive plate capacities range from 45 A.H. to 95 A.H.
(19) "New" A.H. Robins, an American Home Products subsidiary, acquired and merged "Old" A.H.
PAUL, Minn.--King Koil Sleep Products, headquartered here, will now be manufacturing an extensive range of chiropractor-endorsed products in New Zealand via A.H. Beard, Australia's oldest bedding manufacturer.
Surgical and Medical Practices: A.H., S.R., A.A., Concept: A.H., Design: A.H., S.R., Data Collection or Processing: A.H., S.R., A.A., Analysis or Interpretation: A.H., S.R., A.A., Literature Search: A.H., S.R., Writing: A.H., S.R.
For the first Pakistan-World XI T20 tickets amounting to Rs 6,000 have been offered for Imran Khan and Fazal Mahmood enclosuers, while tickets of Rs 4,000 are available for enclosuers of Saeed Ahmad, Rajas, Majid Khan, Javaid Miandad, Abdul Qadir and A.H. Kardar.