Alfred North Whitehead

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English philosopher and mathematician who collaborated with Bertrand Russell (1861-1947)


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(53) For an account of these fallacies, see: A.N. Whitehead, Science and the Modern World, New York, The Free Press, 1967, pp.
A.N. Whitehead once said "Seek simplicity and distrust it." Mr Tuli seems to have heeded only the second part of this apothegm.
Tucked in the lower left-hand corner of the back page, we find an A.N. Whitehead quotation, "It is the business of the future to be dangerous" (153, 160).
A.N. Whitehead said in 1938, "The distinction between man and animals is in one sense only a difference of degree.
shallow mudflats.) A.N. Whitehead underlined Newtonian mechanistic determinacy when he said that "nature's laws never go on holiday".
(5.) A.N. Whitehead, An Introduction to Mathematics (n.d.), 61.
As A.N. Whitehead observed, "Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them" (7).