A. E. Housman

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English poet (1859-1936)

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Naturally there is a sense in which the author of Housman's scholarly articles, reviews, and prefaces is also a persona, who differed from the A.
In others, such as The Invention of Love, about the middlebrow English poet A.
Most recently, there is The Invention of Love (1997), where he ferried the British poet A.
4) The Invention of Love (Broadway) Richard Easton and Robert Bean Leonard won Tonys as gay poet A.
Alcmaeon's story was the subject of the modern parody "A Fragment of a Greek Tragedy," by A.
From CLARENDON PRESS, OXFORD we have in two volumes The Letters of A.
On the topic of details, it's worth noting that Stoppard himself doesn't exactly welcome the kind of investigations he has carried out in Utopia and, as regards A.
The playright of The Real Thing turns his attention to the unrequited gay obsession of poet A.
On the program will be settings of folk songs such as "Bushed and Briars," "Searching for Lambs" and "The Unquiet Grave"; settings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Walt Whitman, Vincent O'Sullivan and William Shakespeare; and a cycle of A.
Irwin also aims to widen the students' cultural spheres with the poetry of A.
While there's no comparing this routine biographical canter to Tom Stoppard's ceaselessly prismatic "The Invention of Love," Courtenay finds shades of Stoppard's erotically wounded, quietly intense A.
The actors playing two halves of the British poet A.
Housman, who was the younger brother of the poet A.
The authors on show here aren't as obscure (to American auds) as "Love's" A.