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English poet (1859-1936)

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"Home is the sailor," wrote the poet A.E. Housman, "home from the sea."
If football skill was in any way proportional to your command of the language we'd probably be rating A.E. Housman as the King of Football rather than Pele.
Poets include Thomas Hardy, Seamus Haney, A.E. Housman, W.H.
From "Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff" by A.E. HOUSMAN
Vincent Millay (with a particular twinkle in her eye); and Hume Cronyn--father of Tandy, in his last performance in front of a camera--reading A.E. Housman. A wry Anthony Haden-Guest recites his own lines composed "For a Young Woman in New York: she knows who she is." ("Let her dress up with great elan / but not go gaga over fashion ...") Nelson amiably offers up some of his own song lyrics, and Herrera shares some Shakespearean verse that he says got him through the dark days following a cancer diagnosis (he's now in remission).
As TOM STOPPARD'S The Invention of Love begins, A.E. Housman "aged seventy-seven,...
He naturally proceeded on to King's College, Cambridge, where he was much influenced by the lectures of A.E. Housman and took a double first in the classical tripos.
In his literary masterpiece, A Shropshire Lad, poet A.E. Housman wrote:
In others, such as The Invention of Love, about the middlebrow English poet A.E. Housman, Stoppard's reading has run a little out of control into the text; the result is perhaps interesting for him but not for those in the audience, unless they are interested in rather more gratuitous erudition (in this case, about Greek mythology and prosody and allied matters) than is strictly necessary for an evening's entertainment.
TOM STOPPARD'S PLAY THE INVENTION OF LOVE (1997) begins with the poet and classical scholar A.E. Housman standing on the bank of the Styx, watching the dreaded ferryman, Charon, coming towards him.
Most recently, there is The Invention of Love (1997), where he ferried the British poet A.E. Housman back and forth in time and space between Oxford University and Hell, via Charon's boat across the River Styx.
4) The Invention of Love (Broadway) Richard Easton and Robert Bean Leonard won Tonys as gay poet A.E. Housman.
Final day: Think of A.E. Housman - "Let me lie in bed and rest, Ten thousand times I've done my best" Well, sort of.
In any event, Haitink's companion works on the disc, "In the Fen Country" and "On Wenlock Edge" (based on poems by A.E. Housman), are more readily up my alley and display a sweetness of spirit and a bent for the color of the Vaughan Williams countryside that I found wanting in the Symphony.