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in the Christian era

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Tyrwhitt published, A.D. 1776, a Dissertation on Babrias, and a collection of his fables in choliambic meter found in a MS.
The Sharjah Sharia Court of First Instance earlier handed the death sentence to A.D. for murdering A.M.
Ashburnham: Ann Horgan, General Studies A.D.; Cynda Joyce, Computer Graph Design C.; Deborah Brennan, General Studies A.D.; Donna Dion, Practical Nursing C.; Elizabeth Paris, Nursing A.D.; Gail Brooks, Human Services A.D.
After the Western part of the Roman Empire fell in 476 A.D., it was carved up among feuding European tribes.
Massive stone statues of humanlike figures on Easter Island in the South Pacific stand mute sentry over the remains of a now-defunct society thought by many researchers to have originated as early as A.D. 400.
to the third century A.D., didn't make it the most accessible of spots.
We regard them as schismatics--i.e., the break between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity in A.D. 1054 was more cultural and political than doctrinal--while they call us heretics--i.e., as preaching false doctrine.
to devise a questionnaire that could determine the status of the position and enable the individual A.D.'s to show their principal, superintendent, or school board how the "typical" A.D.'s position is structured and what it involves.
England's Royal Greenwich Observatory agrees and explains it this way: "The question of, 'Which is the first year of the millennium?' hinges on the date of the first year A.D. Unfortunately, the sequence of years going from B.C.
These 47 all served before 500 A.D. Thirty more popes named saints reigned before 1100 A.D.
UPM, Ephraim "Red" Schaffer; first A.D., James Sbardellati; second A.D., Peter Merwin.
Southeastern Maul contains the remnants of 30 temples that were constructed within a 60-year span, between A.D. 1580 and A.D.
to A.D. 100, the city housed perhaps 10,000 people and was ruled by kings who lived in an elaborate ceremonial center, says Francisco Estrada-Belli of Vanderbilt University in Nashville.
Cerro Rico ores were smelted from A.D. 1000 to A.D.
Most scholars assume that shortly before A.D. 413, the Byzantine emperor Theodosius II oversaw the completion of two defensive walls at Constantinople and the construction of a main entrance called the Golden Gate.