Algernon Charles Swinburne

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English poet (1837-1909)


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See also Cassandra Laity, "HD and A.C. Swinburne: Decadence and Modernist Women's Writing," Feminist Studies, 15.
Bullen's 1885 Works of Thomas Middleton, few readers save its dedicatee, A.C. Swinburne, were ready to welcome Middleton without grave reservations, reservations eloquently expressed by the anonymous San Francisco reviewer who provided Steen with her title:
See Rikky Rooksby, A.C. Swinburne: A Poet's Life (Brookfield: Scolar Press, 1997), p.
A.C. Swinburne and the singing word; new perspectives on the mature work.
Carew Hazlitt and the poet A.C. Swinburne. This practice of adoption, together with the importance that Wilde places on masks in Intentions, poses a substantial problem for Danson and other literary critics: How do we tell where the personality is that the masks intensify (94)?