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Pourfarrokh faced the challenge of a company bloodied by internecine struggles between Paige and Lambrou and unsettled by a soon-to-be-completed merger with the struggling Calgary City Ballet, which involved moving A.B.'s operations to that city.
A.B. exchanged the vacant school building that had been home in Edmonton for spacious headquarters at the Nat Christie Centre, a beautifully renovated former railway station inherited from Calgary City Ballet.
The growing respect A.B. commands in the dance community has made it easier for Pourfarrokh to hire the versatile dancers he needs for the eclectic repertoire.
In fact, it was the potential of the dancers that drew ballet mistress Lou Fancher to A.B. in 1993 after a respected career in the American Midwest.
Executive director Greg Epton, thirty-two, and his team of Young Turk marketing and development whiz kids are part of A.B.'s success story.