Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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the bacteria that produce crown gall disease in plants

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This study aimed to assess the possibility of genetically transforming the Brazilian maize BR 451 through A.
0mm) belonging to the BR451 and Hi-II genotypes were placed in the suspension containing the A.
For three days, the infected explants were co-cultured with A.
Electrocompetent cells of GV3101 and AGL1 strains of A.
Transient expression of the GUSPlus gene in the leaves of in vitro cassava plants using the aggressive A.
Cultivo de tejidos y transformacion: en un erlenmeyer con 20 ml del medio de cultivo yeast extract peptone (YEP) con kanamicina, se inocularon las cepas de A.
A las plantulas se les elimino el epicotilo e hipocotilo, dejando el segmento correspondiente al nudo cotiledonario, al cual se le causo heridas con un escalpelo, en un total de 32 unidades experimentales por cepa de A.
This was in conformity with other studies in which a higher concentration of A.
The concentration of cefotaxime also varied between A.
Tissue treated with ginkgolide A and B produced more tumors than A.
One of the first unusual amino acids called opines, lysopine, was identified in A.
Basic characteristics of the overall process in which T-DNA by A.
Lugol's reagent stains the starch in the potato tissue a dark blue to dark brown color, but the tumors produced by A.
Inoculation and co-cultivation of embryogenic calli with A.
The maximum fluorometric GUS activity was obtained in callus inoculated for 10 min with A.