A. testudineus

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a small perch of India whose gills are modified to allow it to breathe air

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Present study is reporting first time the toxicity of the sulfonylurea-based commercial agrochemical, Almix with regard to histological and ultrastructural observations through scanning and transmission electron microscopy in A.
In the present study, degenerative changes in columnar epithelial cells, vacuolated basal region, brush border disappearance, top plate thinning, distortion in gastric glands and fusion of submucosa with mucosal folds were frequently observed pathological alterations in stomach of A.
These results are also in agreement with the findings of Senapati who reported damage in mucosal folds and CEC, and degeneration in microvilli structure with profound secretion of mucus in intestine of A.
In summary, the present study revealed that Almix exposure caused severe pathological alterations in stomach and intestine of A.
It is possible that the variation in fecundity of the A.
In the present study on fecundity revealed that, A.
The range of temperature in the experimental ponds is within the acceptable range for nursing of fingerlings of A.
Growth in terms of final length, length gain, final weight, weight gain and specific growth rate of fingerlings of A.
The present study revealed that the growth, survival, production and net benefits of A.
Under the prevailing situation, production of quality seeds through application of our present findings might have important implications for the protection of A.