Australopithecus africanus

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gracile hominid of southern Africa

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afarensis by many other anthropoligists -- and the more than 2-million-year-old South African species A.
For instance, although Falk groups Lucy and her Hadar companions with the robust australopithecines, the shape of Lucy's limb and pelvic bones nearly matches A.
The researchers literally looked right through the rocky filling clogging an A.
The endocranial capacity of the specimen, which provides an estimate of brain size, is fairly small, Conroy says, and confirms a previous calculation based on indirect comparisons with another A.
CT analysis of the endocranium reveals a venous drainage system similar to that observed on four of the five additional A.
The deciduous and permanent teeth of Paranthropus grew so fast that they "blew out like a ballon" in comparison to the dental development of modern humans, apes, early Homo and A.
The researchers, who also presented their data at the physical anthropology meeting, cut sections of enamel out of six early hominid molar teeth representing A.
The evidence is beginning to become overwhelming that Smith, as well as Bromage and Dean, are correct in maintaining that australopithecines [early small-brained hominids, including A.
Increases in brain size and a lengthened infancy may have been later pieces of the mosaic, arising a million years or more after A.
She has examined 20 early hominid juvenile jaws, including both East African robusts and South African "gracile' australopithecines such as A.