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United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943)


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The sister of A. Lawrence Lowell, Amy, dabbled in feminism when she was not writing poetry; and his distant cousin Robert Lowell became at least as famous as a civil rights marcher and antiwar activist in the 1960s as he had been as a playwright and poet.
In 1904 he pronounced the strikebreaker a "fair type of hero," a man possessed of an abundance of courage, who was even "willing to risk his life." Thus throughout the 1900s and 1910s, trade union newspapers regularly referred to strikebreakers as "Eliot heroes."(19) Eliot's successor, A. Lawrence Lowell, aggressively recrumted students to break the Boston policemen's strike in 1919.
Over 200 Harvard students answered the appeal of their university president, A. Lawrence Lowell, to volunteer as strikebreakers and patrol the streets of Boston, a city against which criminals (and some said "Bolsheviks") had declared war.
"Announcement of A. Lawrence Lowell," 9 September 1919, Folder 1087, A.
Josiah Winslow and John Stark were warriors who committed brutal acts, and A. Lawrence Lowell helped send the quite possibly innocent Sacco and Vanzetti to their deaths ( <IR> see SACCO-VANZETTI CASE </IR> ).