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a group of elite soldiers or a leadership group of advisors or workers in an organization

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At his first Council meeting in Ottawa, Canada, Huddleston made the rounds of the different A-team sessions and recalled being in awe of the folks sitting around the table and with the Council's staff.
The plan is for an early season eight-team competition, made up of the four Welsh sides and the four Irish A-teams.
It is crucial to spend sufficient time to ensure that you get the right people in the A-team roles to work alongside your internal team and it is best to do this at the start of the project.
Yet at the same time, the author notes that special forces A-teams were heavily involved in creating and employing Civil Irregular Defense Group units.
The club's A-teams all compete in Division One and are regularly in the running for league titles, with the club's female team winning most recently.
With recent talk of Ministerial A-Teams and the various public bodies that are involved in regional decision making, it can seem too much for those of us who are making a living in business.
Albania, Lithuania, Moldova, Malta, Macedonia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia and Andorra - they truly are an appalling set of A-teams.
Being an early adopter and high-profile reference customer, Lloyd's "had the A-teams from each of the suppliers on site throughout", says Rawson.
Two Special Forces A-teams (Operational Detachment Alpha 391 and ODA 392), comprising 26 Green Berets, three Air Force combat controllers and two other soldiers, took on a reinforced Iraqi motorized rifle company numbering in the hundreds.
The SOF "A-Teams" trained at Fort Leonard Wood deploy to different theaters around the world to train the indigenous population how to demine.
In a column in The New York Times, she summarized some of the things she discovered during the year and a half she observed elite twelve-man A-teams in the Marines.
The four corn members have each contributed their own producer perspectives to the Council's programs and planning, including by serving on various advisory teams (A-teams).
Military should consider 'interagency a-teams,' says analyst
It was part of the Student A-Teams Scheme, a national initiative by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to mark its 125th anniversary year.
'But the other thing we had to do, because we don't have the money to have development tea- ms or A-teams, was to make sure that we develop the squad.