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a group of elite soldiers or a leadership group of advisors or workers in an organization

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As well as contributing significantly to scientific knowledge; A-TEAM contributes substantially towards the training and development of the next generation of researchers thereby facilitating future advances in knowledge well beyond the lifetime of the ITN.
But the other thing we had to do, because we don't have the money to have development tea- ms or A-teams, was to make sure that we develop the squad.
Since its inception, HDTC has trained over seventy SOF A-teams which translates to nearly 850 students.
Our instructors constantly gather information from international contacts and from A-teams in the field.
In a column in The New York Times, she summarized some of the things she discovered during the year and a half she observed elite twelve-man A-teams in the Marines.
Through Kohl's A-Teams, associates form teams of five or more.
Military should consider 'interagency a-teams,' says analyst
In response to greater demands for interagency cooperation in military operations, analysts are batting about proposals to bolster Army Special Forces A-Teams with members from other government agencies.
It was part of the Student A-Teams Scheme, a national initiative by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to mark its 125th anniversary year.
Over 39,100 Kohl's associates nationwide contributed more than 136,200 volunteer hours during 2007, and A-Teams continue to give back in 2008 with hundreds of volunteers committed during National Volunteer Week.
A-teams from around the world, including Australia, had been expecting to take part in the Twenty20 competition, but it's understood the Malaysian Cricket Board has decided to pull the pin on it, the Dominion Post reports.
Creative solutions to complex problems: troubled suppliers turn to the restructuring A-teams
The 51-year-old radical further said, "I plan to have 25 brothers of what I like to call my A-Teams in each country across Europe and the US.