A-scan ultrasonography

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the use of ultrasonography to measure the length of the eyeball

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0001) and A-Scan ultrasonography can be used for screening and early detection of primary angle closure glaucoma.
Anterior chamber depth measurement with a-scan ultrasonography, Orbscan II, and IOLMaster.
Although conventional A-scan ultrasonography is the gold standard method for measuring ACD, noncontact methods and devices such as partial coherence interferometry, slit-scanning topography, anterior segment optical coherence tomography and Scheimpflug imaging have become widely used in clinics in recent years.
Because the IOLMaster does not always provide reliable ACD measurements in pseudophakic eyes, ACD was measured using A-scan ultrasonography (Eye Cubed[TM], Ellex, Adelaide, Australia).
A full ophthalmologic examination including best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), A-scan ultrasonography and ACD measurement were performed.
Anterior chamber depth and ocular biometry were measured with A-scan ultrasonography (Quantel Medical Echograph, B-scan Vplus/biovision).