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involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect

based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment

derived by logic, without observed facts


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mathematical expression not reproducible] (i) is the a-priori probability of bit i derived from the channel extrinsic information and input to the second decoder.
El resultado que obtenemos tras la aplicacion del Modelo estadistico A-priori es que hallamos una unica regla que nos indica que "si el antecedente es el modulo userid, con un 19,047% de grado de soporte (del total de registros acumulados en la plataforma) y un 90,228% de grado de confianza el consecuente es la accion view".
Low-bias (also called knowledge-lean [20]) approaches try to remedy these problems by not using a-priori knowledge on the language to process.
In terms of the individual independent variables, the co-efficient estimates and the associated t-values of high rate of population, access to sanitation facilities, access to safe water, access to health care services, access to information and the increase in price of food have the expected signs, thus fulfilling our a-priori expectations.
5) there is an E > 0 such that |x(n)| [less than or equal to] E, which serves as the a-priori bound on every possible T -periodic solution of (3.
All common a-priori estimates of the solution (u, p) depend on L; therefore, we now want to elucidate the domain dependency of L.
As a result, classifications performed by different experts are not available and an analysis of concordance for such a-priori labels was not conducted.
The solution obtained was verified by the use of the Helmert transformation so that the a-priori coordinates of four fiducial sites coincide with the computed solution.
Estos fines son, a su vez, las unicas representaciones a-priori que se constituyen en moviles de la voluntad, objetivos por ser formales y universales.
Mr Fischler claims "this approach permits to take into account the particular situation of specific sectors without making any a-priori exclusion".
Since paths are established a-priori, there is no on-the-fly routing made with each datagram as in the packet-based network.
De fait un a-priori parcourt le volume: il existerait une culture francaise homogene et une norme "nationale" de la sociabilite privee, de la pratique religieuse, de la nuptialite, que les immigres devraient un jour le plus proche possible, adopter pour etre dits integres, assimiles, "francais" en un mot.
Our "realism," for such agnostic piety, cannot be instructed by a Christian doctrine of sin or the Fall, nor can God's purposes serve as a-priori warrants for the basic claims of justice.
Multi-scale Networks Reconstruction from Gene-expression Measurements: Correlations, Perturbations and a-priori Biological Knowledge
The research objectives are:- to introduce the use of wearable RGB-D cameras and advance existing knowledge on object detection in first-person views,- to achieve advanced scene understanding by building a long-term 3D map of the environment augmented with detected objects, and- to analyse object manipulation and evaluate ADL using a detailed 3D hand model and the a-priori scene knowledge.