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a list of names of specially favored people

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KING OF THE COURT A-list star Leonardo DiCaprio was in the stands watching
The Fancy singer, 24, said she is obsessed with the A-list star and watches her movies on repeat just to admire her beauty.
London, Mar.30 ( ANI ): Chris Martin is reportedly gearing up for a court battle with a magazine which has threatened to name an A-list star it claims he had an affair with.
Tracy can help sculpt your post-festive figure into a toned physique to rival that of any A-list star.
Chris Foggin, 25, from County Durham, began his career in the film industry just three years ago as an unpaid set runner on a television drama, but has now recruited the A-list star for his first short feature, Friend Request Pending.
The shoot will mark the Girls Aloud singer's transformation from tracksuit-wearing wannabe to A-list star.
Rarely does a wide-release pic with an A-list star make an unabashed pitch for, of all things, universal health care.
Went on to star in The Bounty, Mrs Soffel and The River before Lethal Weapon turned him into an A-List star. Tried his hand at directing in 1993 with The Man Without A Face and took home an armful of Oscars for Braveheart.
SKY Broadband's commercial at last getting an A-list star, following Bruce Willis, with "heroic anchorman of Soccer Saturday, king of the catchphrase" Jeff Stelling.
Westwood's designs have been seen on every A-list star this year from Gwen Stefani to Sienna Miller.
She also spent time with local people, something which is important to the A-list star.
HOLLYWOOD A-list star Tom Cruise has taken flak for his lengthy walk-abouts, schmoozing fans, before his film premieres.
But they failed to sign an A-list star and called Geri as a stand-in.
"He needs an A-list star each week to ensure millions tune in."
And Mr Emmerich insists the A-list star is too big a name for his movie - in which he plans to cast mostly unknown actors.