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a list of names of specially favored people

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The Fancy singer, 24, said she is obsessed with the A-list star and watches her movies on repeat just to admire her beauty.
Tracy can help sculpt your post-festive figure into a toned physique to rival that of any A-list star.
Chris Foggin, 25, from County Durham, began his career in the film industry just three years ago as an unpaid set runner on a television drama, but has now recruited the A-list star for his first short feature, Friend Request Pending.
The shoot will mark the Girls Aloud singer's transformation from tracksuit-wearing wannabe to A-list star.
Went on to star in The Bounty, Mrs Soffel and The River before Lethal Weapon turned him into an A-List star.
SKY Broadband's commercial at last getting an A-list star, following Bruce Willis, with "heroic anchorman of Soccer Saturday, king of the catchphrase" Jeff Stelling.
She also spent time with local people, something which is important to the A-list star.
But they failed to sign an A-list star and called Geri as a stand-in.
Westwood's designs have been seen on every A-list star this year from Gwen Stefani to Sienna Miller.
He needs an A-list star each week to ensure millions tune in.
HOLLYWOOD A-list star Tom Cruise has taken flak for his lengthy walk-abouts, schmoozing fans, before his film premieres.
And Mr Emmerich insists the A-list star is too big a name for his movie - in which he plans to cast mostly unknown actors.