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the advanced level of a subject taken in school (usually two years after O level)

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A report out earlier in the week said A-level students who would have been rewarded with C grades 20 years ago can now expect to gain As.
But the changes failed in their aim to make maths more popular and the A-level is still dominated by a "clever core" of teenagers, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority said.
Schools across Wales, including Christ College in Brecon, use one of the English boards for their A-level students.
While A-level entries are down overall some subjects are showing an increase, including art and design, biology, design and technology and Welsh first language, up 8% compared to a fall of 15% in entries for A-level Welsh second language.
School chiefs faced a backlash over the closure, but said there was not enough demand to sustain A-Level courses, with many Knowsley students studying outside the borough.
A-level provision has doubled in South Tyneside Ben Birchall
What it didn't tell us is whether there has been a compensatory increase in A-level entries for a modern language which is much nearer to home - Welsh.
The proportion of A-level entries in the stem subjects declined to just under 40%.
The investigation means that students who took the A-level in 2018 could potentially see their results changed.
Subject gap | Entries for humanities and languages are down and maths remains the most popular A-level and AS subject with 3,585 and 4,627 entries respectively.
At Rainhill sixth form, 27% of all A-Level grades were reaching A*/A and 51% A*- B grades.
The 2018 outstanding learners of Doha College, as awarded by the examining bodies Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearsons Qualification Services are: Highest marks in the world: Hayat al Dasooqi -- GCSE Art And Design: Photography (Pearson), Yasmin Buckley -- A-Level Geography (Pearson), Anastasia Ceban -- GCSE Art And Design: Photography (Pearson), Francesca Jones -- A-Level Fine Art (Pearson) and Bwalya Kapapa -- IGCSE Mathematics (Pearson).
PUPILS are starting AS and A-level courses without all the information needed, and there is too little data to assess how well schools and colleges in Wales deliver them, a new report from education watchdog Estyn warns.