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The acquisition of C&P's LMG shares, together with the 1,250,000 "A" shares currently held by A-L Holding, would result in A-L Holding owning 5,842,300 "A" shares and 8,376,495 "B" shares representing 35.
A-L Group intends to finance the proposed acquisition initially through cash resources and existing bank facilities.
Subsequent to the offer, A-L Holding intends to take the necessary statutory steps to permit LMG to become wholly owned by A-L Holding.
31, 1992, A-L Group reported net income of SFr 121 million on turnover of SFr 6,547 million.
A-L Packaging is already one of the major players in the flexible packaging business which is one of the logical areas for the group's packaging activities' expansion.