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sung without instrumental accompaniment

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The concert will also see participation from the a-cappella classical Cantus choir and the more jazzy a-cappella singers Blue Fever.
12, performers will include the Williamsport Area Men's Chorus, the Trust Company A-Cappella Singers, the Shipman Violin Studio, the Lyrico Quartet, pianist Karl Hausman, the Susquehanna Flute Quartet, the Harrisburg Singers, pianist Elise Bordner, Shadow Trax Media, and the Fifth Avenue Strings.
penn MASALA", world's first Hindi a-cappella group of students at the University of Pennsylvania which combines South Asian music with a Western musical style, performed.
He forms an a-cappella group, specializing in early music; Ruth, at the other extreme, becomes an activist, loses her husband to a police mistake, and founds all alternative elementary school in Oakland.
Josh Seat paid $50 for two a-cappella songs, flowers and a box of chocolates.
Their harmonies were spot-on during a short a-cappella song which left Pat and his audience gobsmacked.